Sunday, February 24, 2008

Babershop (WIP)

I have started to build my Old West Town of Hellish Wells using mostly Arnica Montanans buildings as well as some Cowtown and other manufactures.
My 1st building which is 98% done is my Barber shop w/interior.
I few touch ups with some paint and I need to change the five cent sign shave symbol to the other side. (Thanks Bob for pointing that out). I also still need a barbershop sign out side of the shop.
I had picked up some doll house and O scale train stuff for the interior, like the hutch and the shaving bowl. I made the small (hard to see) shaving brush on the table and the barber chair from scratch. The small shed on the back contains the Barbers bed room w/ bed chest and lamp. More to follow.

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