Thursday, December 17, 2009

I have just started in with 15mm and I am having fun painting the little, little fellows up. I have started with a large purchase from GZG with a
Contains 5 x Infantry Packs, 2 x Paladin wheeled MBTs, 2 x Bobcat light combat vehicles, 3 x Phalanx APCs, 1 x Bulldog command truck, plus packs of extras and assorted accessories
As well as a bunch of figure packs, I have also just ordered a bunch from Rafm and Stan Johansson (sp) miniatures.
this is what I have painted so far

While browsing some other blogs and web sites I came across this little gem on Chrome cat’s blog,
the Truck seemed to fit in very well with 15mm sci fi figures and could work as another explorer vehicle, APC or work truck, luckily While out Christmas shopping yesterday I found a pack of matchbox cars with the very same vehicle in it for $5.49 the pack came with 5 different vehicles with which 3 fit in pretty good.
The 1st is the exploration vehicle it actually comes in 2 pieces the main truck and the rear cab which slides back to reveal a control center. I removed the control center to use in something later; now with the cabin removed you can make this into any number of configurations, flat bed, antiaircraft troop truck or anything else your imagination can come up with. This one I am doing as is (I am going to buy more) and for a dollar you can’t really go wrong.

The 2nd truck is a sci fi hummer, it too has a rear compartment that lifts up, inside it looks to be some sort of tracked ATV but I have not remove the inside of this one. Great little vehicle for Sci fi or post apocalyptic settings.

The 3rd vehicle that I am using is a helicopter. On this one I have removed the plastic side pods,the rotors and the tail section. I am going to try to make this a VTOL craft I just need to make some fans and re add the tail section or another engine (not sure what I will use yet)

GZG Command truck for comparison.

A very Good buy for a few dollars, more to follow later.


Inso said...

If you check out this link, halfway down the page are some lift fans that would make your VTOL conversion much easier:

bandit86 said...

Thanks for the info Inso those would be of great help.

Brutorz I think I will have to carry a 15mm around in my pocket just to see if I can find others that would fit :)

Brutorz Bill said...

I've done that very thing!
They thought I was nuts at the local Wal Mart.

bandit86 said...

Nice to know were are not all alone

信任 said...
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