Sunday, May 8, 2011

Nomad #2

Zep the second of my Nomad Quar of the Sun clan

I Used a D&D bulette for the mount and a Quar militia figure for the rider(Zep) I re adjusted the Bulettes head a bit to give him a different look and filled the gaps with putty. The saddle and accoutrements were also made from putty with the rope being string soaked in white glue.
I am hoping to get a few more done soon.


Eli Arndt said...

Another awesome conversion. You really are taking Quarmania to whole new levels.


commissarmoody said...

That is Awesome!

Inso said...

Excellent converting again! Those big beasties are quite a contrast to the riders and it really looks great.

How many more of these are can't just have two...;)

bandit86 said...

Thanks guys!
I have I think 3 more of the small guys and 2 giant beasty(think elephant with a howdah)(sp)plus I have a couple of smaller lizard type mount that are on the way, i hope they will fit in as outriders. Quar are like potato chips and Grymns you can't have just one