Wednesday, July 20, 2011

15 mm gladiators

Rebel miniatures just came out with some really cool gladiators in 15mm. As of now they only have a pack of four for $2.99. They are a Hoplomacus(with spear) a Myrmillo/Dimachaerii, a Thracian and a Not Theokoles from the show Spartacus(although he is not any bigger than they others) All the figures are well sculpted with nice detail and were fun to paint up. I really hope they make some more.

I had bought 2 sets so I could convert one set into other gladiators. One of the Theokoles I made into a Retiarii adding a net and arm armor out of putty(I am still working on the trident) I took one of the Dimachaerii and cut off his sword and gave him a shield,The Thracian lost his head and I sculpted a new Standard type hoplomacus helmet in its place.

The last two are a standing Secutores and a Roman noble, ready to deliver a verdict. both of these I sculpted out of putty and Dollies from "Splintered light miniature" I think they came out OK. I liked the Roman it actually came out close to the actor I was going for.(Titus Calavius the magistrate in Spartacus)

The last is a comparison shot with a GZG Sci fi civillian on the left and a "rebel miniature" police Gang squad trooper on the right.

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Ray Rousell said...

Very nice figures, you've certainly painted them up nicely.