Monday, October 24, 2011

Gladiator ax man

I got the idea for this gladiator from the Starz show Spartacus. In the 1st episode Spartacus fight off four other gladiators who were intent on slaughtering him. One for the gladiators looked much like this.

He started out as a Bronze age generic figure (great company) and a helmet swap from one of their new gladiators figures( I am a sucker for the Secutor helmet). The rest of the armor,belts and clothing was added with "procreate sculptors putty" the Ax and one hand was from a GW bit from my bit box. When you can't find the right figure you want...make it


Lord Siwoc said...

Well done! He really looks the part!

Simon Quinton said...

He does indeed look the part very nice indeed. Nice conversion work