Tuesday, January 8, 2013

British documentary called “7 up” (series) on Netflix.

I just finished watching a truly fascinating British documentary called “7 up” (series) on Netflix.  I am sure it well known to our British member’s but maybe less to us Americans.  It is a look (be it a short look) into the real lives of some British children at 7 years old to adulthood starting in 1964 (every 7 years) up till 2005(I believe that the latest “56 up” is to be broadcast soon).  The show covers just about everything in life and death and you really feel for the participants as their life unfolds for the better or worst.  At times you even feel as though you are intruding on their lives as some of them point out. Now the show itself, if you watch it in one go on Netflix can be a bit repetitive(that poor rabbit gets killed in every show) but you have to remember that it was broadcast originally ever 7 years  so new viewer and old viewers were brought up to date.  And for some reason a lot of the cast seems to look failure to me, mostly because I am about the same age and see some of what happens to them in my own life.  Also because two of the participants remind me of(Suzy) Jenny Aguter (Logan’s Run) and (Nick)John Delancey (Q on Star trek)  Well it’s a good show  and if you like this sort of thing I recommend it.

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Simon Quinton said...

I think i have seen this every now and again it is fascinating and frightening really what people have gone through especially highs and lows.