Sunday, May 5, 2013

More PA/zombie hunters and a wizard

Now I don't think a chainsaw is the best Zombie weapon but It does look cool. My business man was a really simple head swap and repaint, the original had a strange mask and was spattered in blood. I tone him done a bit

My wizard started as a Star Wars figure of a Quarren assassin(I liked the robes). I added a new head and hands from another figure and made a staff from a paperclip and putty 

lastly I have some more Survivors(from whatever) All of them are heroclix type figures the 1st two I have added hands with pistols, back packs, goggles (on one of them) and made some straps for putty. a simple repaint and done.
my last survivor started as a scientist clixy and was a god awful one.  So another head swap and hands(see the wizard for those) An added back pack and putty made straps canteen,bag and scarf, a paper clip for a iron bar walking stick and a spare M16(?) from the new box of  male survivors from Wargames factory.  Another repaint and another cool PA survivor.

Comment appreciated.


Simon Q said...

Nice conversions and touch ups mate they look great.

Gnotta' said...

Nice job, as always...
You know what I find really amusing about your "modelling works"?? It's that when you publish something, I (Really) often find out that I'm working at the same models at the same time than you... Be it Quars, clixs, gladiators, "cheap" Dragons or you name it.... Modelling connection??? ;D