Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mary Death (Bounty Killer)

This is my version of Mary Death (Christian Pitre)
one of the main characters in the movie Bounty Killer (a good B movie)  I just really like her in the movie so decided to try to make her. I started with a Reaper (one of my favorite figure companies) "ladies of the night" which I had just finished paint a set of  and realized the one of the figures was a close match.

with a bit of putty and some plastic bits

Added her shotgun holster and pistol holster from a plastic box of zombie hunters.

built up her dress with a new collar and sleeves as well as reworking the belt and the boots

With a bit of paint ( white is a pain to do) And voila!  my Gun bunny is done.

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Simon Quinton said...

Very cool looking conversion and paintjob. I shall have to seek out this movie.