Sunday, June 22, 2008

My 1171st Battalion of the Coftyran Crymuster, “Homeland Bound”

My 1171st Battalion of the Coftyran Crymuster, “Homeland Bound”

I spent my night putting together the rest of my Quar figures (yikes!! those small little arms are a pain in the you know what) but I now have everything together, well almost, I am short a few arms they must have crawled off with my machine gun team..
Tonight I’ll remove any flash and mold lines and prime the rest of them. So far I have 45 or so Quar on my table hoping and praying that I’ll paint them up.
The Standard is my rendition of the Flag a Lower Barro (Based on the flag of Botswana) With the Barro national symbol in the center (that I took from one of the articles in the Quar forum.) and the Royal symbol in the upper left hand corner. The words “Ardref Tir” adorned the flag which means “Homeland Bound”. (Or as close as I could get) I painted the flag up quickly for the picture but it still needs a lot of work.

In the center is my command unit commanded by:
Syrnol Aynur Llyr Mir Barro.
Standard barrier and a Musician

Behind them is my Elite personal guard unit with a Caertan and 4 guardsmen in soft caps.

To the right is company A. primed and ready to paint.
To the left is company B. waiting to be primed.
Then I have my Sniper, Pik Pik Messenger, Pilot and Tanker.
3 Officers, 2 other Troopers (missing arms) and a Sapper.
In the back row a Heavy Shotgun Squad, 2 Mortar teams, a Doctor and Stretcher Barriers.

Missing is another Tanker and my Lt machine Gun Team which has gone AWOL.

Well that’s all of them for now stay tuned for more WIP and the finish figures.

Thanks for looking and Down with the Crusades!


Eli Arndt said...

Looking good so far. I like the blue-skinned Quar a lot. Your stretcher conversion is great too.

bandit86 said...

Thanks very much Eli