Monday, June 16, 2008

My new Quar WIP. Medical team

1171st Battalion of the Coftyran Crymuster, "Homeland Bound", Syrnol Aynur Llyr mir Barro, commanding.

Emigrants from Crusader nations have swollen the ranks of the armies of Coftyr and Fidwog, and these are noted for their unyielding hatred of the Crusaders. One such unit, by no means atypical of these, is the 1171st Battalion of the Coftyran Crymuster, most of whom fled from Lower Barro after the "False War."

Aynur Llyr mir Barro is distantly related to the famous soldier-author by the same name, but holds a diametric view of the Crusade. As a member of the formerly-ruling sept of Lower Barro, he needs no reminder of what the Crusade will do to the nobility. He sees their action as destroying all the best things of civilization, and the current conflict as nothing less than the End of Days.

This is not to say he is joyless. His deep devotion to his own ancestors, his refined artistic sense, and his noble bearing are greatly inspirational to his troops. He is magnanimous and inspiring as few emigree leaders are, turning his personal tragedy into a rallying point for his troops.

"Thanks to pete Murray for the above story "

My new Quar WIP.
I thought I would make a medical unit for my Quar army after all someone has to look after the wounded.

I started with a Syrnol figure to use as a surgeon. I took the figure and sanded down part of the inner jacket on one side and the scarf to make it more of an old high collar medical smock and then sanded the sash down to just a belt. I then took a head from my bag o heads and made it into a Quar version with a surgical cap, I added a full face mask and then made an attempt at a scalpel and stethoscope (we will see how they paint up for I am definitely not a sculptor). And there you have it my Quar doctor ready to save the life of the next unfortunate soldier.

The next set is my heroic medics, running into the fray under a hail of slugs to save a fallen comrade. I used two Ryfler Maerch figures for the medics adding a couple of small medical packs to them and used some brown epoxy putty to add arm bands to the shoulders. I remove the rifles and sacks that came with the figures and drill in holes for the stretcher poles; I also had to resculpt an arm on one of the little fellow because I broke it off while removing the rifle. The wounded soldier was made with some sculpting putty (the bake in the oven stuff) some brown stuff for the collar and pressure bandage on the head, another head from my bag o heads and an extra arm with the rifle removed. The stretcher was made with two paper clips and Kleenex soaked in with a white glue/water mix which was also used for the blanket. The base on the set was made from two round lipped bases cut in half; I then joined them with an old cavalry base and made the lip with brown stuff. It was a fun little project that did not take a lot of time and I think will make a nice little vignette when painted up. Thanks for looking and Down with the Crusades !!!

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