Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Here are the 1st four of Hellish Wells (my town) townsfolk by Bluemoon miniatures. Bluemoon has seemed to have gotten a bad rap, mostly from what seems to be what some people consider a bad paint job on their web site.
I don’t think that they are badly painted (we all paint differently) but at least they post a painted picture and for that matter have pictures up on their site to begin with (I wont buy from sites that have no pictures)
I really like these figures and enjoyed painting them, which is what it’s all about after all. Each had a few mold lines but were easily taken care of with a file and knife. So Far I have finish Mrs. Overbay the Dressmaker, Barber Palumbo(I will post a picture of him at the shop soon), Bartender Watts and Mr. Hoo, Who runs the Chinese part of town. More to come…

Hope you enjoy.


Cinghiale nerostellato said...

:) beautiful

Eli Arndt said...

Love the townships so far. I have been tempted to create a township of my own for some time now.