Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Well finally I have finished my Quar medical team. Doctor Caertan Parcs all prepared up for surgery with his gloves scalpel, mask and stethoscope. Stretcher bearers Ho and Jon slogging through the mud and trenches as well as the little fellow they rescued from the thick of the fight. The wounded soldier was made from putty a spare arm and head as well as a Hasslefree Grymns foot.

The second grouping is my personal body guard unit (in combat dress) of Syrnol Aynur Llyr Mir Barrow of the 1171st Homeland Bound battalion.

Next to Syrnol Llyr (in his finest whites) stands guard Commander Caertan Eom a long time companion and trusted friend of Llyr. The rest of the body guard is made up of Young but tested troopers from some of the finest noble families of Lower Barrow (in exile) Guardsman’s Yrral, Yelruc, Pmehs and Yelruc Eoj.

Next is the start of “A” company. Is-Caertan Bifkin (see previous Post) is in command. So far Yawdryl Gwendol and Rhyfler Narby have join the ranks of the painted. Also in the group is Sniper Serret currently assigned to Company “A” but come and goes as he pleases.

40 more and a Cavalry unit to go, yikes!!!

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