Friday, July 20, 2012

behind the lines

Equipment check,  Towel, check, shower cap,  check, Soap on a rope, check ,back brush,check...even a Quar needs to keep clean.

 I wanted to do a few terrain pieces for a rear camp I figured on doing a shower, latrine, cook tent, and hospital tent, any comments or other ideas would be appreciated.

The Showers
 Fun first little vignette for my Quar camp, I used some corrugated plastic card and pipe,coffee stirrers, some paper towels soaked in white glue and some small chain.  Its a gravity feed shower using a rain barrel and pull chains,offering some bit ofcomfort to those Quar who in the rear  rinse, lather,repeat

My soon to be clean Ryfler, started out as Ehn'k'du a Quar barbarian(picture from Zombiesmiths web site)

I basically just covered him up with putty, for the Cap/towel, filed the sword down and added a brush head,removed the scabbard and bracelet, added some toes, and a  bar of soap to the neck chain. 
Time to get clean :)


Simon Quinton said...

He He Awesome Diorama dude!

Laughing Ferret said...

hilarious! it's great. makes me think of 'M*A*S*H'

philp said...

I love this and may borrow it with some other type of figure.

Brilliant idea and great execution.