Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Some new sculptings

Attempting to do some sculpting using some generic Bronze age girls for the base.  I then surfed the web for some ideas, I knew the first one I wanted to try to do was Ali Larters  character Clair Redfield from resident evil. I just really liked the look.

I also found a bunch of drawings that I liked, one steampunky the other a survivor type

For the steampunk girl I added a radio device to her hand and I am reworking the things in the front of the survivor, I am not happy with how they came out(I think the are suppose to be knives but not really sure)  I'm also think of placing a weapon in her hand.  Comment and suggestions always appreciate.
Sorry for the picture quality


myincubliss said...

They look pretty good, where are the source pics from?

bandit86 said...

Thanks, here is the link. it'd a pretty cool site