Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My first Crossover Super figures

 Crossover, a relatively new company has some really nice figures if your into superheroes and Villains.  The figures are well sculpted and cast, with few easily removed mold lines, if any at all.
As of now they have 10 Super figures and a bunch of Goons(henchmen type) All of the figures come with 3 choices of heads which is a great idea and allows you to be somewhat creative.
 Above is "Miss Fortune" Villain/hero ?
 I like the red and black theme and the red at the top of her bodice forms the letter M.  the rest are yet unnamed but I am planing on a group of Cold theme super heroes like the one in white

This last one is an example of head swaps you can do, the body is from their "Defender" figure and the head is from the "Super Soldier" Figure.

I am very pleased with this line of figures and hope they will do well and produce many more.


Spacejacker said...

Lovely models. Im planning to buy the whole set in the near future... And I dont even do 28mm!

Simon Quinton said...

Nice job on these I like the goons and intend on getting some at sime point

Mr Teufel said...

"Blue Bolt" for the running bot/armour?

"The Icer" for the white bloke?