Sunday, August 26, 2012

Brotherhood of flame

Mixing up my superheroes some Reaper miniatures with some Crossover miniatures. Into the Brotherhood of Flame Not sure if they will be heroes or Villains

Sun Flare and the Fire master both from Reaper

Lava lad and Volcano from crossover

"Ember" another Reaper mini one of my favorites. I attempted to try flames for hair and fire reflection on the body, I think it came out ok at least for me.

I am using they Micro setting on my camera but still things are not coming out as sharp as Id like.  Any ingestion and or tips would be appreciated. Thanks


Simon Quinton said...

A great looking trio! Flame on

MIK said...

Ember is my fave by far, but they all look great, well done!

Mr Teufel said...

Thank you for alerting me to the Crossover range! Love the alternate heads.

bandit86 said...

Thanks for the comments.
Mr Teufel the range is really nice and the heads went on with ease and once glued the seam dissappered,plus I now have extras heads

styx said...

That is a great looking lot of supers there! Yea, hard to tell if they could be good or evil. As fire is seen as a destructive force maybe evil?

I was just working on my Reaper/Crossover/Superfigs last night to prep to primer once the weather levels off here...