Tuesday, September 18, 2012

King Richards faire 2012 Bandits day out 2

Well I made it to the King Richards Faire once again, our annual Renaissance faire held in Carver Massachusetts. This year I took my sister her daughter(my niece) and her daughter(my great niece just turned 17) We all had a nice time although you would never know it from my great nieces face you know 17 always looks as thought she hates everything even when she is having a good time.

The faire itself has been around so long it is really starting to show a lot of wear not so much in infrastructure but in ideas. Most of the shows are getting lame and raunchy lots of gay jokes and innuendos(not so much kid/family friendly as they lead you to believe) even some of the shop worker say some pretty raunchy stuff. The Jousting would have been done better if Betty White was jousting (Hanlon-lee's action theater is getting fairly lame they need to take the action out of their name), although they had a female knight this year that was interesting. The commentary/acting at the joust was painful you got hardly any response from the crowd on our side. and it was just pretty boring overall.
The place is really over priced ($27 admission ) and that's all you get is admission almost everything else has an extra fee attached. Why do you think he is laughing(all the way to the bank) luckily there was a groupon offered this year for 4 adult admissions for $57

Can I recommend it... well yes I guessI have to because I keep going back(been open 31 years and I have been to most of them) but they do have lots of problems and I doubt they would care what people think.  The layout of the park has become a real problem on crowded days they have the food court (Canterbury kitchens) directly in the middle of the pathway around the the back of the faire. Does not look like much of a problem on the map but when you get lines stretching out like spokes in all directions it makes for a hard time getting around,plus the food is outrageously priced and not that great.
map of the realmI do have a good time though, I get to dress up which is always fun for me and as it seems for others too,seeing that I had people coming up to me all day for pictures. I even had a family in the car park ask to have a picture with their kids, they were so adorable 6 to 3 years old maybe, dressed in plastic armor and as princesses. All in all it was a good day but mostly because I was with family.

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Scott said...

Ahhhh. Memories. My friends and I used to do King Richards Faire every year for my birthday. Unfortunately I think all of the Faires are on the downward slope. Even Sterling out here by me is lacking as of late.

By the way, I will be heading out to the Collins Foundation in a couple of weeks. If you get to go, be sure to stop by the 272nd and say hi.