Saturday, September 1, 2012

More supers

Creating new super teams. I love the defender figure from "Crossover miniatures" and as always it had head options which again is a great part of these figures.  I went with the Cyclops type head just because I like the look,it also has a mask head and a cowl head to pick from  I chose red and blue scheme for him then found a few" Reaper" supers that I thought would look good in the color.  they still need a dull coat but I wanted to see how the gloss coat photographs.

Another "Crossover" mini will be joining the team.  Again head choice was up to me and I picked this one because I wanted the hair to be white and I like the big brows. I was going for an ice/cold based power for him and since I had painted him blue and white I thought he would fit into this team.

 As always Comment/criticisms are appreciated


David said...

The uniform reminds me a little of early Alpha Flight - probably because both the twins (Northstar and Aurora) and the team leader (who started off as Weapon-X and whose team codename I can no longer recall) wore off-centre two colour uniforms.

Tundra reminds me of Sabretooth.

Good stuff

Simon Quinton said...

Marvellous looking minis and paintjobs

styx said...

Great job! The gloss isn't bad. The paint sceme is interesting, yea it does remind me more of the old Beta and Gamma trainee uniforms from Alpha Flight also...

Also, suprised how big Incredibile Woman is from Raper. I thought she was smaller and not a brick. Nice thing to know!

Great work, inspiring me to paint once the weather allows me to primer.

bandit86 said...

OK here is the weird thing. I don't really play war games I just like to paint figures and I don't know that much about superheroes just the basics(don't know who alpha flight is)
So I went to dull coat the blue and red team and decided not to I kind of like the shinny spandex too so I'll get some brush on dull coat and do the faces.