Sunday, June 9, 2013

Favnir Destroyer of Men (finished)

 According to legend:
Black dragons are vile, evil tempered, and obsessed with death. They live in fetid, swampy habitats. They find comfort in the sickening-sweet aroma of drowned, rotting carcasses. The black dragon's domain is the swamp and the jungle. They are abusive, quick to anger, and malevolent. Their hearts are as black as their slimy scales.
A black dragon can be identified by his grim, skeletal appearance. His eyes lie in deep sockets. His two great horns curve forward and down. The flesh of his face appears to have partially deteriorated, as if burnt by acid. Acidic slime drools from his menacing grin. He smells of rotting vegetation, foul water, and poisonous acid.

Living in sticky, wet habitats, black dragons dine mostly on fish, eels, and other water creatures. They will eat meat, but prefer to allow their victims float in ponds for days, or even weeks, before being eaten.
If you ever encounter a black dragon, be careful—he prefers surprise attacks instead of fair fighting. He is most active in the darkest hour of night, wherein the darkness he feels confident and powerful. He breathes a poisonous, sizzling acid.
 Favnir was not as legend would have you believe. He was a Young Dragon but powerful, who would surprise foes with a powerful flame from his fire lungs,  most were expecting acid, fire was uncommon in the Blacks.  He had lived in peace with the villagers for many years, they allowed him  some cattle and sheep, that they would leave in the far field.  He would swoop in take what he needed and would leave the village in peace.  Once he even drove off a group of raiders who had threaten the village to the joy of the men.
But now the villagers had learn Favnir was with  mate and was to be a father..."no no no three dragon s would not be tolerated"  the village elders said. So one dark night as Favnir was off Hunting the Villager came to the swamp and slaughtered the female and eggs as she slumbered.
Oh they were so proud... DRAGON SLAYERS are we!!! they boasted over some pints of ale.  Laughter filled the tavern, music was in the air but so too was the sound of beating wings.  The men had thought (not very wisely) the Favnir would be scared now that his brood was dead...Not so, would you be?
The enraged Dragon attack with a ferocity never seen before, killing all the murders and all things living in his path.  Clutching many body's in his talons and jaw he brought the corpses back to the swamp leaving them to ripen.  No more more sheep.  Favnir was now  Favnir the destroyer of Men.
 Dragon is from Safari toys ltd and the base is from
Thought this was a perfect choice I also added Secret weapons liquid water to they base which worked really well and very easy to use(great products)


Simon Quinton said...

Nice job Bandit!

bandit86 said...

Thanks Simon

Rob Bresnen said...

big and nasty. I like the base, with ready destroyed men.