Wednesday, June 12, 2013


A few things I have started the work on.
1st is a Reaper Fem Bot figure with a head swap from a Heresy figure and some putty hair.  I am turning her into a Gigolo Jane figure from the movie AI.  I just thought of her when I saw the figure. The 2nd is a stolen Idea I saw on Lead adventure site. A complementary stolen idea using parts from Wargames factory(WF) female Zombies with arms from the male survivor box.  The 3rd figure is is a Star wars clix figure with a hand and head added from the (WF) male survivor box (just need a new gun to be added)
The Box sets from Wargame factory are a great buy and can be used with lots of different figures.

Next is my ice dragon (as I seem to be fascinated with dragons at the moment) and has just started.  This is the dragon with the factory paint job, and it is a fantastic job as it is.  I most likely will only do a touch up on it here and there and not a full repaint.  the base is a combination of a wood base,broken up cork tile and Vallejo paste.

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Simon Quinton said...

Nice job on the wip figs. I've just spotted a use for some of the suited male survivors that i've been looking for suitable figs for a while.