Thursday, August 27, 2015

Couple of new figures built and painted.

Welcome to the feast

Finished and few  of my WIP (see last post)

1st up My Falcon handler

I used the same (reaper rioter figure) for 2 of these My falcon handler  had a GW head added as a well as the Falcon arm and the stuffed red bird on the rope

My archer  Bundle up for Frostgrave adventures.  A barbarian head from  GW bits was added and the cowl was made with putty    The Arms came from a GW empire archer and re worked into this figure.  The Quiver was cut from a bones Arthurian archer and equipment from the bit box

 The feast is on!  My tavern keeper brings in the roast pig with veggies to the hungry warband on their return from Frostgrave.  the Figure started as an Reaper Innkeeper bones figure.  I cut away the arms and put a roast pig platter onto the body, I then sculpted on a new set of arms holding the platter.

i liked the way he turned out

here is a nice shot showing the trouble I had painting the pants. The day after painting the pants I found that all the paint cracked.  I thought it ruined but then I kind of liked the textured look I kept it.  What do you think?


Michael Awdry said...

I'm really enjoying these conversions of yours, the innkeeper is superb!

Unknown said...

Nice work on these guys. I especially like the guy with the parrot.