Sunday, October 11, 2015

Bandits day out 2015 battle at the Airfield

Had a nice day at the Collinings foundation battle at the airfield. A local event of WWII reenactment its quiet a thing to see and hear. 
German scout to bad he did not see all the tanks in the tree line

German 88  They make a big bang

I was told that this is a Czechoslovakian vehicle that was made after the war

German High Command on an inspection

Field Marshall

Pilot of the scout plane

German Tank Driver  was a nice guy to chat with

German Medical officer  Who was really helpful in helping me trying to find a blog buddy (but to no avail)

Bren carragie

Stewart came crashing out of the woods

Followed by a Sherman and a Priest gun carriage

The Americans attack and take the day

82nd airborne  gave a small talk on equipment

Medic help a down American but don't worry he made a full recovery (see above)

The tanks advance

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