Sunday, March 12, 2017

Mr Kim's Flying Thai food (the 5th Element)

The Lead Adventure site hosted a Build contest recently the theme was flying

I have always wanted to do this

From one of my favorite movies and one of the best scenes in it

Boat was made from foam board sheets,putty and various plastic bits

The Engine was also scratch built with the exception of the cowl that was reused from an old toy

The Tire bumpers were made from putty formed
in a press mold

The interior was also done with bits of plastic card and putty Food and dishes were from different manufactures

Roof was made from white glue soaked burlap

Mr kim himself was made from 2 clix figures and some putty

I really enjoyed doing this and though I was booted in the 1st round I had lots of fun and the other competition was strong

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"You are Fired"


Michael Awdry said...

What an astonishing build, I love it! Great to see how it all came together, just wonderful!

mattblackgod said...

Wow, amazing build.

myincubliss said...

The competition must have been insane if that beauty didn't make it past the first round!

Maybe I should s art using LAF again if this is the sort of thing I'm missing out on...

Simon Quinton said...

LOL this is awesome great job dude!

bandit86 said...

Thanks everyone The competition was strong and I am pretty sure who will win his build in fantastic