Monday, January 19, 2009

KKBB Agents and Bad Guys

Frist a few WIP. My James Bond type is almost done but I am not sure about the jacket and tie, a Gamer figure that I picked up on ebay painted with my attempt at a Tie Dye tee shirt. I think it came out pretty good if i don't say so myself and last a Mawe from Hasslefree. A fun figure to do but harder than I thought it would be. Maybe this can be an evil experiment for my villians Mmmmwahahahaha.

A few more agents, American, Israeli and British but no background as of yet

On the Good guy’s side are Super Agents Napoleon and Illya. Partners who really will make the bad guys cry Uncle.

Next is Kar Park my Korean Henchman and all around bad guy watch out for his hat or you might lose your head.


Last but not least is Kensington Smythe my English lord with his new Golden gun. Smythe fancies himself a crack shot. Most people have been told that he lost his eye in a royal duel and has been sworn to secrecy but the truth is he shot himself while playing with one of his toys. The only other person who knew the truth was his Chauffer who mysteriously died in a car accident the following week. Smythe is also an agent for my still unnamed evil group.
Hope you like them as much as I enjoyed painting them, a few more in this group to do and then on to the rest.

Monday, January 12, 2009

And more KKBB

Just a few More the Red Guard Boss Berrymans Henchmen and the Ultra evil HitlerBot. " Danger,Danger"

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Here are some WIP with Berrymans henchmen some more agents and my Korean Chauffeur.

“The Blue Guard.” Mende’s henchmen, Protectors of Mendes Diamond mine and all togher Evil lair, with Capt Zap in the lead.

The first of my Evil villains and henchmen from coppelstone KKBB.
1st up is Mambulu Mende, African wannabe Dictator and Diamond merchant. Bad news amongst his people.
In the Middle is the head of my Shadow organization (no name as of yet) Victor Berryman very found of Grapes, Food, Wine, Guns, Woman and Power (but hell who isn’t)
Next is his favorite assassin Violet Clump. If you see her beautiful face coming at you watch her feet. Violet never goes any place without her favorite brass knuckles