Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Extra stuff that I am working on

 The wolf-pack is by Ral partha (iron wind metal) These are great figures with lots of character, just need a bit more on the base.

Empire of the dead (Kickstarter)

Some of the wagons from the Empire of the dead kickstarter
I bought 4 of the Hansom cabs and was very surprised to see the two occupants inside which are integral to the casting. "A night out at the Opera my dear"

All the parts fit together pretty well with a bit of drilling needed to open up some of the holes

Next is the Gentleman's coach (Gentleman or Jack the Ripper, who knows who is behind the curtain maybe even a certain Professor)  Last up is the "Black Mariah" Police wagon, who can be in that?  All the wagons are great fun to put together and paint, I now have to see about adding a whip and rains

First of my Otherworld kickstater figures

The Wizard and cart Kickstater bonus figures. 
Super figures, hardly any cleanup needed and they paint up really well.

 The start of the adventures camp.   There were a lot of extras in the Otherworld miniatures Kickstarter and the Camp scene was one. Bedding, tent, fire wood pile, treasure all sorts of cool stuff I have had fun painting it up so far but once again the matte coat started to leave some white spots but I caught it before it was to much.  The large fur bed was sculpted out of plastic card scraps and green stuff

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Unboxing Otherworld miniatures.

My Otherworld miniatures from the Indiegogo crowd funding campaign have begun to arrive, and although it’s been a year in the making I must say so far these are excellent miniatures. So let’s focus on the good.

  I have receive about half of the order the1st 2 box sets of Dungeon adventurers 1&2 + a lot of the stretch goal figures.  The box arrived well packaged with the ubiquitous packing peanuts and the boxes were wrapped in large plastic bags.  Each box set comes in a sleeve with great artwork on the front and painted examples on the back.  They come in their own storage cases of a soft zippered, padded shell with foam inserts for each figure (a really nice touch).  

As crowd funding campaigns go a lot of people have been disappointed but when you see the quality of the figures both in sculpting and in casting, most of the sting leaves.  All in all I could not be happier with the product

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Zombtober submisson #1 survivor

 My fist submission for Zomtober.
1st up Timmy from the zombie plague  http://www.rsquaredcomics.com

They are really nicely sculpted miniatures and a must for zombie lovers.

WIP new jugger team

Working on a new Jugger team, using Bronze age and Reaper miniatures and greenstuff

Comment good or bad appreciated (but good more so)

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Painted 5th element

                                      Ruby Rhod/Police officer/Flight attendant painted up.
Still trying to get better at picture taking but it seems to be a long process for me :)  As before all the figures were made with green putty and Bronzeage generic figures, and this being one of my favorite movies it was a blast to make

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Roneth and Aidelquar the Green.

Aidelquar; is from the toy company Papo, and started out as a two headed gold dragon(see below) I sniped off one head and most of the back spines and then re sculpted the area.  I added the harness, saddle, blanket roll and storage trunk  out of green stuff and other bits from the bit box.

Another happy dragon to add to my collection, next an ice dragon maybe.

 All in all I am pretty happy with how they turned out :)

Roneth is a Bronze age miniature death dealer that came free with my last order.  As always I am more than happy with Bronze age miniatures and their figures.  The figure had little clean up, painted up well. and had a great pose.