Monday, July 12, 2010

3rd spacecraft (Zoot the bounty hunter)

Real name: Zoot Species: Cazeranian Call sign: Mr. Gray
“I had Flown into Mudd Eisley today in search of my lousy, stinking, brother in law who ran off with my share of the take for the last job, and when I find him this plasma fist is going right up his…well you get the idea” “Trust no one they will only stab you in the back, especially family they will stab you in the front”
(originaly written for the Dropship Horizon name the alien contest)

The figure is from Critical Mass Games mercenaries set
The ship is made once again out of old part from my bit boxes. The cockpit is part of a Tie fighter from the Starwars clix toys, the main body is an old Brut cologne bottle with the engine made from a GW paint bottle cap(as you can see) other bits added from old model kits

Saturday, July 10, 2010

2nd of 4 ships I am working on for my space colony. An older model alien fighter bought on the cheap repaired and converted into another small colony transport ship. Able to transport small cargo and a small number of passengers and still fight is way out of any trouble.
This ship started out as a toy Battle Star Galactica Cylon raider, I added a bottom level along with a transport pod out of plastic card. For fun I added the cockpit and interior.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Messenger of the 42 messenger corps along with his messenger’s buggy.

Messenger of the 42 messenger corps along with his messenger’s buggy.

The 42nd messenger corps are well known for their daring in getting messages through and fast mostly due the diligent training of the members and their well trained Pyk pyks. But along with Pyk Pyks, the messenger corp. is fond of the Chwyrlia Fen, one Quar buggy. The Fen as it is often called is made mostly of engine and holds 1 Quar relatively uncomfortably, however what it gives up in comfort it gains in speed and ruggedness.

I have been busy making a few space craft for my 15mm space colony and bounty hunters. The 1st of 4 so far is a small bounty hunter/cargo ship. It is made from a few bits and bobs from my bit box with that main body being made from a Star Wars toy droid. Pretty cool what can be made from what you have laying around. 15mm figure is from GZG.