Wednesday, April 15, 2015

New Camp Counselors for Camp Grizzly

Finished the rest of the gang from Camp Grizzly.  Josh, Karen and CJ

Tracey, Sherry and Kevin

"What was that noise?  I'll go check"   OHHHH NOOOOO

Sherry did you hear something, sounded like Kevin,  "Give me the flashlight I'll go check"  OHHH NOOOOOOO

"I'm not a ditsy blond  Give me that ax and you go check".

"Cool a Groovy bat I should be OK with this"  OHHH NOOOOOOO

"This camp sure gone crazy"

"feet don't fail me now"

Knock, knock

"We got him now"     OHHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOO

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Camp Grizzly

Camp Grizzly the new boardgames from Amritrash games. Pits Otis against the poor kids (and we know how that usually turns out) I  have not played the game yet but being a figure painter mostly, I think the first set of figures are great (can't wait for the next two sets) They are well sculpted and pretty clean castings apart from one miscast leg .  In the fist of 3 sets you get 1 Otis figure with bear mask and hatchet and 6 counselors 2 running and the rest in various positions

What evil lurks for the unsuspecting counselors at Camp grizzly

Why it's Otis the teddy bear mask wearing serial  killer

With hatchet in hand

He stalks the camp grounds and no one is safe

Not poor Karen the Mentor

Run Karen Run!!!!

Or CJ the coach

Faster he's catching up


the rest of the gang Jody,Sherry, Tracy and Kevin waiting to be finished