Sunday, January 10, 2010

A few new 15mm done last night.
1st GZG gray aliens and ship, The grays paint up quick seeing that there is little detail (what you would expect for a grey) and the saucer is a toy that a friend gave me which I have repainted.

Next are the Crusties very District 9 looking with cool alien guns, sorry my photos don’t do them justice they are actually really nice. I used a few shades of brown and added some yellow and red spots and stripes. I went with bright colors of sliver and copper for the weapons as they did in the movie. These were some of the feebies that I got from my Christmas order with GZG I see a few more in my future :)

Lastly is an off world explorer (or this world if you want) this is a match box car that I have repainted. I think it came out pretty good if I don’t say so myself. The vehicle came in a box of 5 for $5 but I was only able to use this one from the pack but my 3year old great niece sure did like the rest, an excellent bargain all around. Next time I need to take a before picture.

As usual with the GZG figures they are fun and quick to paint but I still have a bunch to do so back to work.