Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The 1st 6 of my KKBB spys

The Guys: Iron Head my evil henchman with a steel plate for the top of his head. William Alowishus Rafferty (Rafe code name WAR) my American in East Germany and Matt Helm from the Silencers (description is based part on the Movie part on the book)

The Girls: Crystal Sparks not so evil henchwoman. Tina Goodbody Double Agent? And Jennifer Darlington (code name Juniper)

Monday, December 22, 2008

I just received my KKBB figure and really like them. Most will be painted as is but I bought an extra set of KGB men (because I really like them) and another set of Future wars corporate babes 2. As you can see from this picture I started to rework a few and you can see what I added with the brown stuff.
I think that 3 of the girls in the set suite themselves to the KKBB world very nicely. The one with the fur trim was done from a fashion picture from the 60s I found on Google the other 2 I just added an appropriate 60s style hat.
The bald guy I really did not do much to but he is going to be a evil agent named iron head when he is done (a Character from a Matt Helm movie) The guy in the turtleneck will be the man himself Matt Helm (well a cross between the Dean Martin helm and the book Helm) I just added a bit of slicked back hair on him. The 3rd agent is undercover in East Germany I just love that jacket and I thought the cap would add a nice touch as well as the satchel. All are still just WIP at this time.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Santa Quar

Ok, over at the Lead Adventure Forum they are having a small contest just for fun. Being a Quar fan I thought I would do a Santa Quar. So here is my attempt and sorry for the bad photos I need to work on picture taking.
As you can see he started out as a Syrnol(my favorite Quar for converting). I then added the fur, hat, scarf and facial hair with green putty as well as the gift and tag. It was pretty straight forward as was the painting. The colors are a bit muted but he still needs a finished coating maybe that will brighten him up in the photos. Oh well Ho Ho Ho and merry Quaristmas

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More Quar WIP

1st up is a Quar heavy mortar.

“Behind the safety of sandbags and trench walls my intrepid 1117st1st Heavy mortarquar takes up his position readying to lob a shell out of the trench and into the hated crusaders across noquars land”.

I took a Quar ryfler that was waiting to be painted, removed his bogen and the accessories that I had already attached. I reworked the arms a bit so that he was posed to be loading a shell. The shell, left hand, knife, back pack and Mortar were bits from GW that I picked up on eBay. The Skull and wing motif were carved off which is very easily done and then put together as is. The right hand was drilled out and the shell was cut from the hand that was attached to it and place in the Quars hand (if I do another like this I will skip this part and just use it with the hand as I did with the left hand) A new base was enlarged from a round lipped base so that it would fit. And that’s about it (now to paint it)

My 2nd WIP is my Special ops trooper.

“Out of the oily black smoke comes a new weapon of war the dreaded Flame Thrower”

I started with a Quar Lt machine gunner in the firing position, added a suitable head with Goggles and snout protection. Then Back to the GW bit box for the weapon itself.
I sanded down the barrel of the gun and replaced the tip with the front piece of a GW flame thrower as well as added the GW tanks to his back. The hose was made from flexible tubing that comes in toy packages used to hold the toy in its box.
Using some brown putty I started to resculpt the skull and cross bones on the flame throwers tanks to be more Quar skull like and I widen the eye sockets with a drill. The Flame itself is from the new line of cinema effects from Armorcast (these are absolutely cool little items to pick up)
And presto another cool looking figure that was really easy to convert.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Quar Cavalry

Quar Cavalry WIP

Here are the 1st 2 of my Quar cavalry unit. I based the uniforms on a light French cavalry unit picture that I saw from WWI. French blue coats with white piping and red pants.
When painting that Cadier (horse type creature) I wanted to do something a bit different (seeing that Zombiesmith went with a very strange looking beastie). I started with various shades of red then added some striping (based loosely on some African animals) the stripping was done with chocolate brown, ivory and a white highlight. They still need a few touch ups and to be dull coated.
I also have not chosen a unit yet so I have not added a flag, but something to continue my Royalist contingent will be in the works.
4 more to paint, along with all the rest, then I am picking up a second set and making a lancer unit. Hope you like them, more to follow…

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Here are the 1st four of Hellish Wells (my town) townsfolk by Bluemoon miniatures. Bluemoon has seemed to have gotten a bad rap, mostly from what seems to be what some people consider a bad paint job on their web site.
I don’t think that they are badly painted (we all paint differently) but at least they post a painted picture and for that matter have pictures up on their site to begin with (I wont buy from sites that have no pictures)
I really like these figures and enjoyed painting them, which is what it’s all about after all. Each had a few mold lines but were easily taken care of with a file and knife. So Far I have finish Mrs. Overbay the Dressmaker, Barber Palumbo(I will post a picture of him at the shop soon), Bartender Watts and Mr. Hoo, Who runs the Chinese part of town. More to come…

Hope you enjoy.

This figure was really Fun to paint and was easy to clean up with just a slight mold line. It’s the first of a 4 figure set from Reaper and though bigger than most figures it might still fit in with others if you are gaming. I am more of a Collector than a gamer so I really like Reaper figures for the size and quality of their product. The other figures in the set include another cult member and a victim and sacrificial ring (I’ll get painting them up soon.

Well finally I have finished my Quar medical team. Doctor Caertan Parcs all prepared up for surgery with his gloves scalpel, mask and stethoscope. Stretcher bearers Ho and Jon slogging through the mud and trenches as well as the little fellow they rescued from the thick of the fight. The wounded soldier was made from putty a spare arm and head as well as a Hasslefree Grymns foot.

The second grouping is my personal body guard unit (in combat dress) of Syrnol Aynur Llyr Mir Barrow of the 1171st Homeland Bound battalion.

Next to Syrnol Llyr (in his finest whites) stands guard Commander Caertan Eom a long time companion and trusted friend of Llyr. The rest of the body guard is made up of Young but tested troopers from some of the finest noble families of Lower Barrow (in exile) Guardsman’s Yrral, Yelruc, Pmehs and Yelruc Eoj.

Next is the start of “A” company. Is-Caertan Bifkin (see previous Post) is in command. So far Yawdryl Gwendol and Rhyfler Narby have join the ranks of the painted. Also in the group is Sniper Serret currently assigned to Company “A” but come and goes as he pleases.

40 more and a Cavalry unit to go, yikes!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

W.I.P, My 1st Quar house, Trash to treasure.

This particular Quars house is was not built on and into Termite mound but is a simple structure made in the Adobe style. The front door leads into a living area with a hatch access to the roof. The side door leads into a food preparation section and then into the living area. The sleeping areas and several other rooms are located below, carved into the ground and offering a cool place for my Quar sleep.

I started with a piece of recycled (my Quars are going green) packing material from something I had bought years ago for the main structure (I have trouble tossing stuff out).

I then carved out holes for the windows and used recycled contact lens cases for the smoked bubble glass (see what I mean about tossing stuff out). The Mud type window frames, door knobs and rope pull on the hatch were added with 2 part epoxy putty. The doors, hatch and smoke stack were made from Plastic card, wood hobby sticks and wire window screen mesh for you guest it, the Door window screen. The whole thing was then sprayed black and several coats of various grays were dry brushed on.

Still to be added will be a base and a fenced yard out back and some plant life around the structure. The rope pull, door knobs also have to be painted. This was a fun little project to do for almost no cost and little time. Now I am looking to find more such packing for more houses and other project ideas. So take a look around you never know what you might find in your trash.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Pulp Cargo ship crew

A Few of my Cargo ship crew (I have not based them yet) from Brigade miniatures.

Zombie hunters

These are some of my military Zombie hunters in chemical gear. They are from EM-4/ Copplestone castings. The Military, in green were painted as they were. The Scientist, in white were reworked with bits added for the catch poles, Geiger counter and flame thrower.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Residents of Hellish Wells

Here are a few of my residents of Hellish Wells, my Western Town. Most of them are from Black scorpion miniature (I know some people think they are too big but I really like them). Some of the Females are from Copplestone casting, one of my other favorite companies. The Girl in the middle was my attempt at making a figure of Hannie Caulder from the movie with Raquel Welch. The figure started out as a Copplestone Cavewoman I added the Holster with a leg strap and a pistol from my bit box, the poncho was made with Tissue paper and white glue I think she came out fairly well. I am trying out my new Camera with my new photo cube and lights so I hope they look OK. Any comments are appreciated

Sunday, June 22, 2008

My 1171st Battalion of the Coftyran Crymuster, “Homeland Bound”

My 1171st Battalion of the Coftyran Crymuster, “Homeland Bound”

I spent my night putting together the rest of my Quar figures (yikes!! those small little arms are a pain in the you know what) but I now have everything together, well almost, I am short a few arms they must have crawled off with my machine gun team..
Tonight I’ll remove any flash and mold lines and prime the rest of them. So far I have 45 or so Quar on my table hoping and praying that I’ll paint them up.
The Standard is my rendition of the Flag a Lower Barro (Based on the flag of Botswana) With the Barro national symbol in the center (that I took from one of the articles in the Quar forum.) and the Royal symbol in the upper left hand corner. The words “Ardref Tir” adorned the flag which means “Homeland Bound”. (Or as close as I could get) I painted the flag up quickly for the picture but it still needs a lot of work.

In the center is my command unit commanded by:
Syrnol Aynur Llyr Mir Barro.
Standard barrier and a Musician

Behind them is my Elite personal guard unit with a Caertan and 4 guardsmen in soft caps.

To the right is company A. primed and ready to paint.
To the left is company B. waiting to be primed.
Then I have my Sniper, Pik Pik Messenger, Pilot and Tanker.
3 Officers, 2 other Troopers (missing arms) and a Sapper.
In the back row a Heavy Shotgun Squad, 2 Mortar teams, a Doctor and Stretcher Barriers.

Missing is another Tanker and my Lt machine Gun Team which has gone AWOL.

Well that’s all of them for now stay tuned for more WIP and the finish figures.

Thanks for looking and Down with the Crusades!

Monday, June 16, 2008

My new Quar WIP. Medical team

1171st Battalion of the Coftyran Crymuster, "Homeland Bound", Syrnol Aynur Llyr mir Barro, commanding.

Emigrants from Crusader nations have swollen the ranks of the armies of Coftyr and Fidwog, and these are noted for their unyielding hatred of the Crusaders. One such unit, by no means atypical of these, is the 1171st Battalion of the Coftyran Crymuster, most of whom fled from Lower Barro after the "False War."

Aynur Llyr mir Barro is distantly related to the famous soldier-author by the same name, but holds a diametric view of the Crusade. As a member of the formerly-ruling sept of Lower Barro, he needs no reminder of what the Crusade will do to the nobility. He sees their action as destroying all the best things of civilization, and the current conflict as nothing less than the End of Days.

This is not to say he is joyless. His deep devotion to his own ancestors, his refined artistic sense, and his noble bearing are greatly inspirational to his troops. He is magnanimous and inspiring as few emigree leaders are, turning his personal tragedy into a rallying point for his troops.

"Thanks to pete Murray for the above story "

My new Quar WIP.
I thought I would make a medical unit for my Quar army after all someone has to look after the wounded.

I started with a Syrnol figure to use as a surgeon. I took the figure and sanded down part of the inner jacket on one side and the scarf to make it more of an old high collar medical smock and then sanded the sash down to just a belt. I then took a head from my bag o heads and made it into a Quar version with a surgical cap, I added a full face mask and then made an attempt at a scalpel and stethoscope (we will see how they paint up for I am definitely not a sculptor). And there you have it my Quar doctor ready to save the life of the next unfortunate soldier.

The next set is my heroic medics, running into the fray under a hail of slugs to save a fallen comrade. I used two Ryfler Maerch figures for the medics adding a couple of small medical packs to them and used some brown epoxy putty to add arm bands to the shoulders. I remove the rifles and sacks that came with the figures and drill in holes for the stretcher poles; I also had to resculpt an arm on one of the little fellow because I broke it off while removing the rifle. The wounded soldier was made with some sculpting putty (the bake in the oven stuff) some brown stuff for the collar and pressure bandage on the head, another head from my bag o heads and an extra arm with the rifle removed. The stretcher was made with two paper clips and Kleenex soaked in with a white glue/water mix which was also used for the blanket. The base on the set was made from two round lipped bases cut in half; I then joined them with an old cavalry base and made the lip with brown stuff. It was a fun little project that did not take a lot of time and I think will make a nice little vignette when painted up. Thanks for looking and Down with the Crusades !!!