Monday, October 24, 2011

Gladiator ax man

I got the idea for this gladiator from the Starz show Spartacus. In the 1st episode Spartacus fight off four other gladiators who were intent on slaughtering him. One for the gladiators looked much like this.

He started out as a Bronze age generic figure (great company) and a helmet swap from one of their new gladiators figures( I am a sucker for the Secutor helmet). The rest of the armor,belts and clothing was added with "procreate sculptors putty" the Ax and one hand was from a GW bit from my bit box. When you can't find the right figure you want...make it

"Recreational conflicts" hard suit

"Recreational conflicts" hard suit on a "Dragon forge lost empire" base. The figure itself is multi part, with the body,arms,legs.backpack, and a choice of weapons all seperate . It is a nice clean and hefty figure with little clean up needed.
The base I had won in a contest, seemed to fit well with my Atlantis explorer and is a well made base with no defects.
I used a simple copper and sliver paint job to give him(or her) a Steampunky look. This figure is on my list to get more of in the near future.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bandits day out

The Collings Foundation Hosts:
Battle for the Airfield
WWII Reenactment and WWII Living History Weekend
October 8th and 9th
Today I went with my friend and his family to see a WWII living history reenactment at the collings foundation a little gem of a place That I had no idea was around.

After a walk through the museum areas with old cars and planes.

It was off the the German encampment. They had a bit of everything there. an Opel truck, a stug,
motorcycle, horse troopers, half track, Storch scout plane and 2 88MM cannons plus a bunch of infantry.

The battle started with a bang, a big bang, as the 88s shot down an American plane and captured the pilot. The allies(including a few Russian troops moved forward and the battle was on. The allied armor with 2 Sherman,whites scout car,a Chaffee, Stewart and a half track with a quad 50 + infantry moved up the field.

but after the loss of a Sherman Chaffee and Stewart the final Sherman took out the last 88 and charged forward winning the day for the allied side. After the battle we went over to the ailed camp for some photos and to look at the tanks.

My friends boys had a nice time but my friend and his brother in law and myself had a better time.

Sunday, October 2, 2011