Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Yuri and Kof in sled Number six

Yuri and Kof in sled Number 6 on patrol

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Quar Royalist Expeditionary Scout Fan Sled.

This is another trash to treasure project that I did one afternoon while catching up on some DVR’ed TV shows.

I took a box of bits and parts and pick a hand full out saying “ok what can I make with these?” A small propeller, a part from a smoke detector, some toy parts, a plastic mortar carriage and some scrape plastic sheets as well as a bit of imagination. The two Quar are made out of some brown stuff putty, two old toy bodies sculpted a bit more Quar shaped and spare Quar heads.
Not to bad for an afternoon.

From the Frozen north of Sleveen comes a White Quar Royalist Expeditionary Scout Fan Sled.
The Fan sleds of the White Quar Royalist keep track and harass the invading Crusaders at ever turn. Fast and agile the fan sleds skim over the snow and ice of the northern region reporting back on the locations and movement of the enemy, Packs of sled mount fast attack on Crusader outpost and convoys.
Though the fan sled itself is not armed it is Manned (or Quared) by two ryflers Wrapped in heavy winter uniforms and Fur hats. The driver and gunner are eached armed with a herlech ryfels and a Cryfen LMG, when in packs (usually four sleds) one will be armed with a Meakyna heavy MG. The sleds carry enough supply’s stored behind the seat and extras mounted on the sides to last a week.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Quar Spiritual leader

A Quar spiritual leader walks out carrying the scared box of ashes Caerten Nad Jou who fell at the battle of Nor-e-Mac Valley. Resting on the purple velvet cushion is the wooden hand of Caerten Jou which was all that remained of the fallen hero. I made him out of brown stuff putty and a extra Quar head from my bit box.


I have finished painting my figure of Sarigar from the comic Alien Legion. I made him out of GW tau bits and brown stuff putty. I think it came out ok.

The Reaper Figures

I love reaper figure especially the Chronoscope range. They are great figure for painter and you have such a wide range to choose from, as seen here. For the most part they are fairly easy to clean up but they do suffer from lots of mold lines so you need to put some time into your prep work.

Agatha Fox

New Spy for KKBB is British agent Agatha Fox. I love this figure and Andrew Rae is fast becoming a one of my favorite sculptors. Loved his work and this figure is so simple, so cool, so deadly.

Female Space Smuggle

Next is my female space smuggler who had some very big hair and a slightly large head. When choosing a color scheme I was reminded of Chiana (sp) from Farscape so I went along that route with a bluish gray skin color I think it worked well.

Super Hero "The...?

here is the first of my super heroes, he came out nice but I had no idea of what color to paint him, I really liked the way he looked after I primed him black so I stuck to that and then added a green that I was using on another figure, "POW, BANG!! he was finished. It was only after I finished him that I noticed he looked the Green Lantern oh well as long as they don’t show up at the same party he should be ok.
I did a couple of more citizens for my western town of Hellish Wells. First up is a bartender who was done right out of the package and was an easy paint job.

The second is my Undertaker who started out as an Uncle Sam figure. I removed the stars from the hat band and added a few ribbons down the back of it, other than that a simple black paint job and done.