Sunday, February 24, 2008

Babershop (WIP)

I have started to build my Old West Town of Hellish Wells using mostly Arnica Montanans buildings as well as some Cowtown and other manufactures.
My 1st building which is 98% done is my Barber shop w/interior.
I few touch ups with some paint and I need to change the five cent sign shave symbol to the other side. (Thanks Bob for pointing that out). I also still need a barbershop sign out side of the shop.
I had picked up some doll house and O scale train stuff for the interior, like the hutch and the shaving bowl. I made the small (hard to see) shaving brush on the table and the barber chair from scratch. The small shed on the back contains the Barbers bed room w/ bed chest and lamp. More to follow.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

I think I need a lighting kit

Ok well some of the pictures are ok but I think I need a lighting kit and some dull coat. Right now I am just fooling around with the camera learning how to use it.
So these are some more test shots of my Grymn troopers, Grymn APC, 2 Power armor Trooper, a Big,mean and tough as nails Ogrymn and a Converted Star Wars pre-painted Talsoian Droid that I have made into a Grymn Walker.
The walker was re painted in my Grymn color scheme and a Cockpit was added with some sheet styrene and other than that it’s as is. I thought it was is a pretty cool figure and worked well with my Grymns. The droid is also dirt cheap on E-bay. Enjoy.


Ok so hope all this works ok. This is the start of my Grymn army.
1st up is my Grymn leader and yes I have been told that he is sniper bait because of the shoulder markings ( oh well, I like a bit of color). The second is Kadlin a hot little trooper ready to take on anything. I am hoping to be able to get a few more pictures taken tonight and get them posted . Hope you like them

My first posting Feb 24 2008

Hi! And welcome to this my first Blog as I attempt to enter the age of technology. I am a war-game figure painter, although I seldom play any games. I just like to paint the figures and like most of us I too have a mountain of lead just waiting to be painted.

Right now my focus is on Science Fiction figures (Hasslefree Grymns for the most part) as well as others. The Old West as I continue to build my town of Hellish Wells. Pirates and just about any thing else that floats my boat.
I just got myself a new digital camera, a Canon Power Shot SX100IS 8 Mega pixels with a 10x optical zoom, so far I am please with it although I have much to learn on taking good pictures.

I just love Hasslefree Grymns and any of the Hasslefree figures which I have most all of them. They are extremely well sculpted and Kev and Sally run one hell of a great company with a great product and super customer service. As you might be able to tell Hasselfree is my favorite figure company.

These are my first postings of my Grymn army as it progresses. For the most part everything is new and clean I have not added much weathering and they have not been dull coated (it’s been to cold) I hope you enjoy!