Sunday, January 16, 2011

Alithean light armored tractor By Zombiesmith

A quick paint job on the new Quar Ailthean light tractor from Zombiesmith. Painted up as a the dreaded, hated crusaders of Alykinder (this might be the start of a Crusader force for my wonderful Royalist to shoot at)
As you can see there were a few air bubbles with some missing rivets but all in all the kit is nicely done. The kit comes in 10 pieces along with a half quar driver:(which I did not include) the main body turret and bottom half, two treads , Main gun, smoke stack, hatch and 3 climbing rungs. Everything goes together fine and is nicely detailed, the only issues was the air bubbles that I might replace and fix later but I did not have anything on hand to do it with at this time so I just did the paint job.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

power loader

Well I officially hate yellow paint, but I finished my Power loader for my Yuzzem crew. The two shots show it with the protective front piece and with out

As I said earlier the Power loader was made from bits from my bit box, plastic tubes some old toy parts and a converted Starwars toy Yuzzem figure

Large Marge working in her lovely Quar Garden.

Marge the sister of Toffer Dean and Aunt to Wiffler is bigger than most Quar hence her nickname. Marge loves her garden and when not gardening can be found at the local pub knocking back Bogen barrel whiskey with the best of them.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Power Loader: I made this from various parts in my bit box (waste not want not). I bit more work on sanding down some parts and then onto the painting.

The Heavy Weapon Gunner: was made from an old Disney toy laser cannon of which I used other parts for other projects and had a few of these left over, putty and bits from my bit box.
The crew is coming together…watch out.