Sunday, August 26, 2012

Brotherhood of flame

Mixing up my superheroes some Reaper miniatures with some Crossover miniatures. Into the Brotherhood of Flame Not sure if they will be heroes or Villains

Sun Flare and the Fire master both from Reaper

Lava lad and Volcano from crossover

"Ember" another Reaper mini one of my favorites. I attempted to try flames for hair and fire reflection on the body, I think it came out ok at least for me.

I am using they Micro setting on my camera but still things are not coming out as sharp as Id like.  Any ingestion and or tips would be appreciated. Thanks

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My first Crossover Super figures

 Crossover, a relatively new company has some really nice figures if your into superheroes and Villains.  The figures are well sculpted and cast, with few easily removed mold lines, if any at all.
As of now they have 10 Super figures and a bunch of Goons(henchmen type) All of the figures come with 3 choices of heads which is a great idea and allows you to be somewhat creative.
 Above is "Miss Fortune" Villain/hero ?
 I like the red and black theme and the red at the top of her bodice forms the letter M.  the rest are yet unnamed but I am planing on a group of Cold theme super heroes like the one in white

This last one is an example of head swaps you can do, the body is from their "Defender" figure and the head is from the "Super Soldier" Figure.

I am very pleased with this line of figures and hope they will do well and produce many more.

WIP my sculpts

Update on the girls I have been sculpting.
I finish painting them, a little more work on the bases and a shot of dull coat and done
Comments appreciated

Next up in sculpting.
 I have been working on is from the "Fifth Element" and "Farscape"
A Stewardess and a Police officer and from "Farscape Rygel the 16th"
So far they are coming along OK for someone self taught.