Monday, July 27, 2015

Frostgrave Windwalker

I picked up this figure from Rafm on their last kickstarter.  They arrived the other day and this one although far from the concept art, I really liked.  I thought He/she would work well as a frostgrave monster so painted it in wintery tones.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Looky what we found.

Two new Treasure hunters for frostgrave
Once again using the same Reaper figure for the conversion I have made two lucky treasure hunters for my Frostgrave warband

On the left, (Reinheart) I trimmed off the boot wrappings and added two new arms and a weapon from my bit box.  A new cowl and cloak were made from two part putty. The head and treasure chest, also from my bit box are from GW bits I picked up on Ebay.  On the right (Sven), the same body was used with the fur boots and cowl made from putty and textured with sculpting tools.  The sword,arms and head were GW bits in the old bit box, I did however clip off the Horns on the helmet but kept the prince Leia look

Whats, in the box, whats in the box?

Vermithrax finished

Vermithrax finished

I had a good deal of fun painting her, attempting to do the right color scheme

I painted the base with Pokorny paints  Cavern set from Dwarven Forge adding a few small rocks here and there for some texture

I found that painting the vinyl was hard and had lots off trouble with it rubbing off (and her was washed and primed and let dry)

Everything came out nice till I dull coated her.   It was not to bad but she came out with a very dull chalky coat. Now I wonder if I should go over it with a gloss coat.  Still happy with it in the long run and for less than $50 she make I nice addition to my dragon collection

Reaper Wizard for scale

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Unboxing Vermithrax

I have been really into Dragons this year and while waiting on the new Reaper Kickstarter I found these to keep me busy (not like I don't have enough already)
Pegasus Vermithrax Pejorative.  This has always been one of my favorite Movie Dragons and has been what seems to be the inspiration of many other movie dragons to come.  Since the1981 dragon slayer movie, Dragons like Smuag, Reign of Fire, Harry Potter all seem to look like this.  But besides having a cool name Vermithrax pejoritive,  it was in it's time just a bad ass movie dragon with some cool special effects.  
I was looking on the Reaper forum for other dragon and someone mentioned this.  I was lucky to grab the last one on Amazon for under $50, under $50 and its a big piece of vinyl. The art work on the box is great and will act as a great painting guide. inside the box are a number of plastic bags with the various parts in them, an instruction guide (not to useful) and a gray base.
The base depicts the cave floor with what  I would assume is a lava (fire lake) setting. In other reviews I have read there seemed to be a big complaint on this piece being very thin,  I did not find this to really be the case, it is a simple hard plastic detailed base that seems to me to be sturdy enough, sure it's not resin but its not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

The bags contain the parts for Galin the Dragonslayer (seems a bit to big compared to what I would have thought the size of  the Dragon would be) And Vermithrax all in a red vinyl in 16 pieces.

I dry fitted the pieces together and they went to well really nice (the instruction say warping can be fixed with hot water)  It might have to be done on one peice and I can see some minor filling that might need to be done, but little else.
Comparison shot with two of my WIP frostgrave henchmen 28mm  (reaper miniature conversions)

I also got this Safariland Guardian dragon as I have had a good deal of fun in the past with repainting them.  It too is a pretty cool figure standing all noble like.  I had thought I would add a rider but I am having a hard time on a location for the saddle, if this was a real dragon you would have to surgically remove some of his back spikes (ouch) or leave them in and the rider would have to saddle up on them still in place (OUCHHH)  
Hope to have them painted soon(or someday) But I would recommend them to anyone who likes Dragons

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Start of my frostgrave warband

 My Frostgrave Warband start.  I don't really know much about Frostgrave yet, but I like the winter Idea so I made my own for now.

The Amazing Aristal, off in search of new magic treasure

Sir Edgar,, knight of Aristal

Charles Winkie Aristals guard

Winkie Lost his last job after his witch employer died in an accident

Jock, one of Aristals henchman

Henchman Bob, all geared up
Henchman  Bob

Dexter,  Aristals loyal retainer

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Watson come here, I need you. and bring a wrench

Thomas Watson the  assistant to Alexandra Belle inventor. After a serious steam-boiler accident Miss Belle aided her faithful assistant with a new mode of transportation.  Just a bit of fun with some extra bits  

The figure is half of a Reaper figure  Dr. Darius Hellstromme
 (one of my favorite figure company)a bit of wire tubing and a  steam tractor ( I forgot who made the tractor part I won it in a contest.) 

Watson come here, I need you.  and bring a wrench