Sunday, May 29, 2011

Quar WIP

Some more nomads of my sun clan Quar.
1st a beast of burden carrying a mountain cannon. and My Royalist advisor to the sun clan, based on Lawrence of Arabia.
Second grouping and a Quar mother and father at the campfire father holding a bottle of libations and the mother holding a kittling in wrapping.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Post apocalyptic water merchant’s truck

I found this cool truck in toys r us from “Fast lane” for about $7 I painted it up as post apocalyptic water merchant’s truck straight out of the box. Toys are a great source for terrain and vehicles.

Giants walk amongst us

I had recently bought a bunch of pre painted heroclix, D&D figures and I am in the midst of repainting them. I have started with some really nice giants.

1st up is an earth giant. It’s a fairly strait forward job of earth tones with a dry brushing in lighter shades and some moss on the arms. It looked much better than the original paint job and did not take long to do. He is a pretty large figure and was really cheap, about $5

Next is a smaller giant (I know oxymoron) but he is. He was another Ok pre paint job but I thought I might do better. He is a hill giant, in barbarian style of dress and would work great in any barbarian army. He is heavily muscled and swinging a large spiked club he also has a great expression on his face which is what I really liked about this figure.

My last giant started out as an Iron hill giant from “Mage knight” he had a boiler on his back with dwarves riding on his shoulders and even though it was a cool figure the way it was, I wanted a more normal looking giant. 1st I removed all the dwarves, the armor on his shoulders and the boiler on his back. Then using pro create putty I rebuilt his arms from the elbows up and added a fur collar quilted animal skin cloaked to his back.(that stuff is great to work with) I started the painting and finished him up in a few days, once again for $7 I had a pretty cool looking giant.

All of the giants were pre painted and fairly cheap money, that being said they are really nicely sculpted figures in great poses and even though they are the rubber type click stuff these were real very sold and well worth the cost.

this is the original

Monday, May 9, 2011

Trash Bash 2011 contest

I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Woooo hoo

1 Speed stick container (extra cap and end piece)

2 Wheels and base from a hot wheels car kit.

3 Plastic kit bash parts from my bit box and cockpit footpads etc... from an old robot kit

4 Putty and tubes.

“Old Number four is acting up again for the third time thismonth! Send G’wible , G’wible will fixit.” “Me again why is it always me who gets old number four”, The Quar shrugged. “She is way out on the range and Zablan is one dam hot planet, Ohwell, it’s a job”

The Quar put on his cooling suit, helmet, and environment packand armed himself with a blaster “those dam venomous Spinks might be lurkingaround, can never be too careful , one bite form them and old number four won’tbe the only thing in need of repairs” he said as he slapped the cartridge into the weapon.

He dropped the ramp door down and clamored up into good oldD7. D7 was one of the more reliable DROFmotors B86 Road utility surface buggies. Tough, powerful and reliable, that what she is. G’wible hoped into the cockpit started her upand looked out thought the front green tinted viewport. “Ok old girl back out to Old number four and let’s see if we can get her fixed”. D7s engine roared up and she rolled out of the base onto the shifting sand and into the hot Zalban sunlight.

The B86 DROF motors Road utility surface buggy, great in all environments, High towing capacity good cargo space, fully contain interior living space with numerous cup holder. A Giggs a Strotum power plant gives her plenty of power when it counts.

When you think tough, think DROF tough

Much thanks to Roebeasts Magical house of sunshine for hosting the contest

the Judges and all the other contestants it was a fun contest and project.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Nomad #2

Zep the second of my Nomad Quar of the Sun clan

I Used a D&D bulette for the mount and a Quar militia figure for the rider(Zep) I re adjusted the Bulettes head a bit to give him a different look and filled the gaps with putty. The saddle and accoutrements were also made from putty with the rope being string soaked in white glue.
I am hoping to get a few more done soon.

Sub Captain and swabby

Captain Jacean of the Arquarnaught keeping a watchful eye out for crusader shipping

All sailors must do there part in keeping the ship clean so swab the deck matey
This is my first complete sculpting of a Quar even the head(which came out ok)