Monday, May 27, 2013

My ode to Smuag

 Some giant black pearls (and gold nuggets) spill out of a treasure horn
 An unfortunate fighter learned to late that taking a dragons treasure is not that easy.

 As goes the knight so too his mount was as unfortunate.
more treasure

Monday, May 13, 2013

WIP for this week

This week I have been keeping up on some more Zombie hunters/post apocalyptic survivors and Dragons. here are some WIP
1st up Zombie Survivors; someone made a coment that my chainsaw survivor reminded them of the main characture from "Hitman" so I went with that and am making one.  I used two  different heroclix figures for these with arm changes using arms from wargames factory "the men" box set and an extra bald head from victoria miniatures for the Hitman.
Next up are some male and female Survivors. Of the female 1 is a Reaper figure with head swap, putty and some added packs the other 2 are clix figures with various parts added on

 the men are also various clix figure in stages of completion, again with putty and add on weapons and packs

 Another Dragon(this one my ode to Smaug) just the base color applied so far he is a pretty big dragon and I plan on basing him on a gold and treasure pile(have not yet figured out how to make that as of now any suggestion?)
Last is one of my favorite conversion for my post apocalyptic world the figure comes from Reaper miniatures and is of a fantasy towns folk farmer. I added as you can see, a Reaper rifle with hand(very handy set ha ha) some new boot,pack straps,and coolie type hat out of green stuff.  A back pack from Secreat weapons and a gas mask from Victoria miniatures. his other hand is still the hoe that was with the figure (a walking stick/makeshift weapon thought it was still cool enough not to remove it)

Hope you like them new pictures will follow.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

More PA/zombie hunters and a wizard

Now I don't think a chainsaw is the best Zombie weapon but It does look cool. My business man was a really simple head swap and repaint, the original had a strange mask and was spattered in blood. I tone him done a bit

My wizard started as a Star Wars figure of a Quarren assassin(I liked the robes). I added a new head and hands from another figure and made a staff from a paperclip and putty 

lastly I have some more Survivors(from whatever) All of them are heroclix type figures the 1st two I have added hands with pistols, back packs, goggles (on one of them) and made some straps for putty. a simple repaint and done.
my last survivor started as a scientist clixy and was a god awful one.  So another head swap and hands(see the wizard for those) An added back pack and putty made straps canteen,bag and scarf, a paper clip for a iron bar walking stick and a spare M16(?) from the new box of  male survivors from Wargames factory.  Another repaint and another cool PA survivor.

Comment appreciated.

There be more Dragons

for some reason I have gotten on a dragon kick, maybe its due to the Dwarven forge kickstarter. Anyways here are a few more conversions that I have done 1st up is my Cave Dragon. He (or she) started out as a safari land toy dragon with 3 heads. once I removed the head and neck(such a dragon slayer)I reposition the neck that I wanted and added the head I wanted, I was going for a looking around for a thief look to him. I toned down the color with some inks and repainted the head and back crest and underside I am very happy with how he came out.

Next is the might Black Dragon. he started out as an Ice dragon with clear wings and blue purple and with coloring.  I began once again with lopping of the head and replacing it with one of the leftover heads from the Cave Dragon. I painted him with black all over then a dry brush of black gray and a blue highlights for the expose skin and chest armor. he comes with a detachable flame.

These Safari land toys are great and fairly inexpensive for the size of them and with a bit of work you can change them up as I did. At home now I have a Ice dragon and Hydra which have great paint jobs already so I wont be touching them and a green dragon and water dragon that are getting some touch ups