Monday, November 23, 2009

Armed Free traders(GZG) Again great detail on such small figure right down to the torn knee on the trader firing the pistol.

Heavy EVAC explorers

Saturday, November 21, 2009

More GZG crew figures. This time my Blue crew for lack of a better name.

A few more of my Chinese starship crew both figures are from GZG.
Hope you like them.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Foray Into the world of 15mm Sci fi begins with GZG figures. I picked up a bunch of packs from GZG recently because I thought they looked really nicely sculpted for 15mm (?) (Plus I liked firefly and the space traders looked great)

The figures overall are really nice and the service from GZG was fantastic. I have done a bunch so far so more pictures will be up soon, these I did in the last few hours at work.

The first is a not Wall-E figure which I just thought was co cool and even though its suppose to be 15mm it would look fine next to a 28mm figure too.

The second group is my crew of the Chinese trader ship (Insert Chinese trader ship name here I have not come up with one yet) I am hoping that GZG will do some more figure with the neck yoke uniform. The girl/guy with box and guy with gun had the burgundy shoulder /neck parts painted on the others were sculpted on, it just made for a nice cohesive crew uniform look.

A few Space suits and Power suits (from Battlestation miniatures)

All in all I am very pleased with these and they are fun to paint, and I can highly recommend GZG 15mm for those interest.