Wednesday, February 25, 2015


I bought this Raze#1 figure from Dark age miniature a while back and thought it should be done.
Fun figure to paint and he came out a  bit Steampunky, which I like. Added some broken cork pieces and some Vallejo pumice to the base and the mutely thingy is done

He (or she) is about the size of a 54mm figure.  Not to bad for a few hours work

Mary Death (Bounty Killer)

This is my version of Mary Death (Christian Pitre)
one of the main characters in the movie Bounty Killer (a good B movie)  I just really like her in the movie so decided to try to make her. I started with a Reaper (one of my favorite figure companies) "ladies of the night" which I had just finished paint a set of  and realized the one of the figures was a close match.

with a bit of putty and some plastic bits

Added her shotgun holster and pistol holster from a plastic box of zombie hunters.

built up her dress with a new collar and sleeves as well as reworking the belt and the boots

With a bit of paint ( white is a pain to do) And voila!  my Gun bunny is done.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Wild West Exodus commission

Painted these for my nephew in law. I told the hosts to send me a figure to paint as appreciation for their podcast.

My nephew pick Honest Abe and (rose ) a female gunslinger from the Wild West Exodus line.
They are nice figures and really detailed Abe has tons on buttons on him. The female however as cool as she is had a"Blob" on the side of the head under the brim of the hat, I was not sure and could not tell if this was supposed to have been there or was a defect.  I chose to leave it there and paint it as a rose(hence the name) Hope he likes the final product :)