Thursday, September 29, 2011

More Post Apocalyptic goodies

Second LAM Ruin raider, excellent figure with minimal clean up and crisp detail. Very happy with this purchase, although I would not mind some without gas masks. I want to put some detailing on the base as soon a my second order come in from "secret weapon" another good company to deal with.

My second PA vehicle (Fist electrical) I made this from a Die cast US Postal truck that I had picked up from CVS for around $5. I made a rack for the top out of plastic rod and loaded it up with bits from my bit box. Paper clips were used for the welded on window bars and an old plastic sprue was used for the cow catcher in the front. A really good buy For $5.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Post apocalyptic

First of my Post apocalyptic figures from LAM figures (Ruin raiders). I really liked this figure and bought the whole pack just for this one but found the rest of the pack really cool too. The shotgun shells are from Secret weapons miniatures and come 50 to a pack.

The figure itself was very easy to clean up with just a slight mold line, and just enough detail to make it fun to paint. Very simple paint job with subtle colors as it is a PA world, pretty drab.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The To'ok

My first To'ok figure from Zombiesmith's "Storm of steel" range.
The figure, a To'ok hero rescuing a fallen trooper is a really cool figure with little clean up need, nice simple details and fun to paint. I would love to see a range of the unarmored infantry figure in this range. recommended for Sci fi lovers.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Tarzan and Cheetah

From the Reaper line. Painted as is with only a putty snake added to the base. I tried to use blue highlights in the hair to give it a comic type quality. Really a nice figure from the reaper team.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Quar Caravan beast WIP

A WIP for my Quar Caravan.
A new Beast of Burden mount for my Quar merchants (working on the rider now) Still a bit more to do on this mammalian beast.

Zombie hunters

2 of Reapers' Zombie hunter and a Zombie Hunter from Zombiesmith
The Zombiesmiths figure was reworked a bit and I added a Shotgun to him. I based him on the character of James from the game The Outbreak (still looking for figures for the rest of the cast) Its a fun little choose your own adventure live action game you can find on the web and is worth a few minutes to play.
The second two are from Reaper The one with the Guitar was painted as is and I really enjoyed trying to get the guitar right(I think I did) the other one I swapped out a handgun for the rolling case he was dragging behind him. i just wanted him to have a bit more firepower.

Reaper s Old west

Been working on all sorts of thing lately. Here are a few of the new Reaper western figures. Marshall,Gunslinger and Huckster. All of them were fairly easy to clean and have great detail. Reaper is one of my favorite figure companies. Just noticed that I chipped the gunslingers finger dang. Will fix that tonight