Saturday, October 24, 2009

Prince Trepur + Euzkadi tank

Just a couple of new pictures of my Quar for my Royalists army.
First off is Prince Trepur, A brilliant cavalry officer known for his flamboyancy as well as his reputation as a dullest, which has been frowned upon by his family a the Royal court. The Quar Syrnol figure was used for the conversion of Prince Trepur, I removed the right arm with a xacto and files and using green stuff I made a new arm and pistol for the classic dueling stance. The neck scarf was repositioned so it would line up with the head looking off to the right and the buttons were removed to make the jacket double breasted (the 17th cavalry, Crimea was used as a partial inspiration)

The second figure is my balloon observer who shall be riding high in the Observation balloon soon. Here he is positioned next to my new Black Army Euzkadi Tankette. The only modification I have made to him is the removal of the oil can from his right hand and a small pack was added to his back as a parachute.

The Euzkadi tankette arrived this morning, excellent fast service from Black Army. The Tankette is a small cute little thing which is really well cast. I have looked it over and a few bit of sanding is all that it needs. I found no miss casts, pin holes or air bubbles, really nice. The only other thing that needs to be fixed is the gun barrels, the attachment holes need to be re-drilled out but that’s a simple fix
I am using both Tanks for my Quar light cavalry (sorry to the Spanish civil war purist but I don’t have any SCW figures…yet) But they are really tiny next to the Tanks I built.