Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The 1st 6 of my KKBB spys

The Guys: Iron Head my evil henchman with a steel plate for the top of his head. William Alowishus Rafferty (Rafe code name WAR) my American in East Germany and Matt Helm from the Silencers (description is based part on the Movie part on the book)

The Girls: Crystal Sparks not so evil henchwoman. Tina Goodbody Double Agent? And Jennifer Darlington (code name Juniper)

Monday, December 22, 2008

I just received my KKBB figure and really like them. Most will be painted as is but I bought an extra set of KGB men (because I really like them) and another set of Future wars corporate babes 2. As you can see from this picture I started to rework a few and you can see what I added with the brown stuff.
I think that 3 of the girls in the set suite themselves to the KKBB world very nicely. The one with the fur trim was done from a fashion picture from the 60s I found on Google the other 2 I just added an appropriate 60s style hat.
The bald guy I really did not do much to but he is going to be a evil agent named iron head when he is done (a Character from a Matt Helm movie) The guy in the turtleneck will be the man himself Matt Helm (well a cross between the Dean Martin helm and the book Helm) I just added a bit of slicked back hair on him. The 3rd agent is undercover in East Germany I just love that jacket and I thought the cap would add a nice touch as well as the satchel. All are still just WIP at this time.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Santa Quar

Ok, over at the Lead Adventure Forum they are having a small contest just for fun. Being a Quar fan I thought I would do a Santa Quar. So here is my attempt and sorry for the bad photos I need to work on picture taking.
As you can see he started out as a Syrnol(my favorite Quar for converting). I then added the fur, hat, scarf and facial hair with green putty as well as the gift and tag. It was pretty straight forward as was the painting. The colors are a bit muted but he still needs a finished coating maybe that will brighten him up in the photos. Oh well Ho Ho Ho and merry Quaristmas