Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Finishing up my “Red Flag Express” supply column are the large supply truck load down with goodies and the Smaller Flatbed.

The flat bed originally started out with a big box on the back hiding a big anti air craft type gun which as you can see have been removed and will be used for another time. I loaded it up with some wood planks and posts as well as some nail kegs (repairing a trench or maybe a coffin or two for some hapless crusader)

The Larger truck is mostly as is. The pop up figures (that come with the toy) have been removed and green stuff blanket rolls were added to hide a few hinges. A few other parts were removed and covered over, again with green stuff. Both vehicles had dashboards added to add a bit of flavor and painted up in my Royalist colors (well Zombiesmiths Royalist colors).
These were a lot of fun to do and although they are out of production you can still find them on auction sites if you are so inclined

Monday, February 16, 2009

My Tank of the 7th Royal Armored cavalry attached to 1171st Lower Barro Homeland Bound battalion. And A Water tanker of the 3rd Coftyran Crymuster su

My Tank of the 7th Royal Armored cavalry attached to 1171st Lower Barro Homeland Bound battalion. And A Water tanker of the 3rd Coftyran Crymuster supply section, “The Red Flag Express”
Both the Tank and the Tanker are from Disney’s, Atlantis the lost empire toys that I picked up on EBay.

The Tanker is mostly as is with the exception of the tarp on the back, which I made out of green stuff to cover a hinge on the back (the barrel originally opened up for a missile to be launch from inside) the roof for the cab was added from another truck and a piece of Plastic card was use for the windscreen to add some protection for the driver. The Quar driver was made with more green stuff over the body of the original driver and a spare Quar Head.

The Tank was made from another Disney toy along with lots of plastic card for widening the body, window slits, and hatches for the driver and gunner, rear hatch and the extra armor plating around the turret. The Turret itself was made from the inner plastic ring from some desk tape. The Cannon, flag holder and heavy shotgun mount (I’ll have to pick up another) were all made from bits of extra tubing with the turret hatch being made from my contact lens packaging.
The paint was straight forward using Reaper and Vallejo paints (browns, tans and Iraqi sand highlights) The Flag of the 1171st Lower Barrow Homeland Bound battalion is proudly displayed on one side of the turret and guideon of the 7th cavalry fly’s above.

I Hope you like them and thanks for looking.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A few vehicles to supply the Quars at the front. WIP

1st up is my supply truck loaded with all sorts of goodies. The model started out as an old toy but is easily rework into a nice little piece

Next are a water tractor and a flatbed truck ready to rush much needed supply’s forward. These are also toys from the same line al the vehicles have minor additions or changes made to them

And finally my explorers vehicle ready to take any explore over the rugged roads in search of adventure

Monday, February 2, 2009

New Quar Royalist

First of my Royalist Guard. Based(loosley)on the Kornilov White Russain regiment. the Yawdryl still needs afew touch ups. Very nice figures and fun to paint. If your not into Quar your missing out