Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Here are the 1st four of Hellish Wells (my town) townsfolk by Bluemoon miniatures. Bluemoon has seemed to have gotten a bad rap, mostly from what seems to be what some people consider a bad paint job on their web site.
I don’t think that they are badly painted (we all paint differently) but at least they post a painted picture and for that matter have pictures up on their site to begin with (I wont buy from sites that have no pictures)
I really like these figures and enjoyed painting them, which is what it’s all about after all. Each had a few mold lines but were easily taken care of with a file and knife. So Far I have finish Mrs. Overbay the Dressmaker, Barber Palumbo(I will post a picture of him at the shop soon), Bartender Watts and Mr. Hoo, Who runs the Chinese part of town. More to come…

Hope you enjoy.

This figure was really Fun to paint and was easy to clean up with just a slight mold line. It’s the first of a 4 figure set from Reaper and though bigger than most figures it might still fit in with others if you are gaming. I am more of a Collector than a gamer so I really like Reaper figures for the size and quality of their product. The other figures in the set include another cult member and a victim and sacrificial ring (I’ll get painting them up soon.

Well finally I have finished my Quar medical team. Doctor Caertan Parcs all prepared up for surgery with his gloves scalpel, mask and stethoscope. Stretcher bearers Ho and Jon slogging through the mud and trenches as well as the little fellow they rescued from the thick of the fight. The wounded soldier was made from putty a spare arm and head as well as a Hasslefree Grymns foot.

The second grouping is my personal body guard unit (in combat dress) of Syrnol Aynur Llyr Mir Barrow of the 1171st Homeland Bound battalion.

Next to Syrnol Llyr (in his finest whites) stands guard Commander Caertan Eom a long time companion and trusted friend of Llyr. The rest of the body guard is made up of Young but tested troopers from some of the finest noble families of Lower Barrow (in exile) Guardsman’s Yrral, Yelruc, Pmehs and Yelruc Eoj.

Next is the start of “A” company. Is-Caertan Bifkin (see previous Post) is in command. So far Yawdryl Gwendol and Rhyfler Narby have join the ranks of the painted. Also in the group is Sniper Serret currently assigned to Company “A” but come and goes as he pleases.

40 more and a Cavalry unit to go, yikes!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

W.I.P, My 1st Quar house, Trash to treasure.

This particular Quars house is was not built on and into Termite mound but is a simple structure made in the Adobe style. The front door leads into a living area with a hatch access to the roof. The side door leads into a food preparation section and then into the living area. The sleeping areas and several other rooms are located below, carved into the ground and offering a cool place for my Quar sleep.

I started with a piece of recycled (my Quars are going green) packing material from something I had bought years ago for the main structure (I have trouble tossing stuff out).

I then carved out holes for the windows and used recycled contact lens cases for the smoked bubble glass (see what I mean about tossing stuff out). The Mud type window frames, door knobs and rope pull on the hatch were added with 2 part epoxy putty. The doors, hatch and smoke stack were made from Plastic card, wood hobby sticks and wire window screen mesh for you guest it, the Door window screen. The whole thing was then sprayed black and several coats of various grays were dry brushed on.

Still to be added will be a base and a fenced yard out back and some plant life around the structure. The rope pull, door knobs also have to be painted. This was a fun little project to do for almost no cost and little time. Now I am looking to find more such packing for more houses and other project ideas. So take a look around you never know what you might find in your trash.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Pulp Cargo ship crew

A Few of my Cargo ship crew (I have not based them yet) from Brigade miniatures.

Zombie hunters

These are some of my military Zombie hunters in chemical gear. They are from EM-4/ Copplestone castings. The Military, in green were painted as they were. The Scientist, in white were reworked with bits added for the catch poles, Geiger counter and flame thrower.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Residents of Hellish Wells

Here are a few of my residents of Hellish Wells, my Western Town. Most of them are from Black scorpion miniature (I know some people think they are too big but I really like them). Some of the Females are from Copplestone casting, one of my other favorite companies. The Girl in the middle was my attempt at making a figure of Hannie Caulder from the movie with Raquel Welch. The figure started out as a Copplestone Cavewoman I added the Holster with a leg strap and a pistol from my bit box, the poncho was made with Tissue paper and white glue I think she came out fairly well. I am trying out my new Camera with my new photo cube and lights so I hope they look OK. Any comments are appreciated