Friday, May 22, 2009

King Zombies Zombies

Kingzombie has just come out with a new of Zombies. 28mm (?) 1st responders and survivors for $39.99
You get 20 figures in the set. 19 humans and 1 dog. All of them are nicely sculpted (but big somewhat comical and chucky) and very gory.

1st up are the survivors. You get 5 in the set.
2 females; 1 paramilitary and one Milla Jovovich type and 3 males; one with a shot gun, one with a big handgun and a machete and 1 Swat type realoading his weapon. All of them have a nice look to them with some personality if as I mentioned a bit comical. All the figures in the set come with bases already molded on(some will like that and others wont) I would rather not have the bases but they are done well so I will do them as is.
I am still not sure on the base for the Swat guy but I am pretty sure that he is standing on a mound of ammo clips and casings (talk about holding your ground)
The male with the machete is also a nice figure but the Machete is very thin and more realistic than those over sized thing some figures have (you know the tree trunk spears) That being said within a few seconds of painting it snapped right off, like I said very thin. I had trouble with the paint on these and you really need to give them a good scrubbing so the paint sticks. I now have to strip the paint and redo them.

The Zombies in the set are all either SWAT, National Guard, Cops or Paramedics.
The paramedics have 1 male, 1 female. The male has his back torn open and is in the process of eating a hapless victim; the female is in a jump suit with her jaw torn off (like I said Gory) she is carrying a very nicely sculpted and realistic medical bag over her shoulder and you can tell that there was some research done on these sculpts.

Next are 2 Cops: again 1 male 1 female. The female has the ugliest face I have seen but because of that she painted up really nice and scary looking. The male cop is one of my favorites out of the set he is on his knees having lunch(what's for dinner, the other white meat)

There are 4 Swat Zombies Three seen here in various stages of zomibfication the one on the ground is missing the lower half of his torso and is dragging his guts along the way.

The Dog came as a Zombie dog but I don’t like my animals to be zombies(just people) so I filled in the bite marks so now he is just a pissed off K-9.

The rest of the set has 2 fire fighter 1 dragging the Jaws of life behind him (how ironic) another cop being shot through the eye and blowing the back of his head off, another SWAT team member who arms I broke off during some paint stripping and 2 male/1female national guard troopers.
It was unfortunate that I had must not have cleaned the figures enough during preparation for my paint just seemed to bubble up, crack and peel off as you can see in the photos. I would recommend taking extra time with these and give them an extra good scrubbing before priming.
So far I am enjoying painting this unique and interesting Zombie/Survivor set and I would recommend these for anyone into the Zombie figure craze.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Shiver me timbers

I love Black Scorpion figures, I have done a bunch off their western figures and have just started their pirate range, fantastic sculpts as always (again much better than my photos show). Shiver me timbers!


Hasselfrees Bohkin (Space Goblins) are very nice figures and they give my Grymns something to face off against. Only 2 of them are as is the rest have been reworked into some more dramatic poses I really liked how the leader has his pistol drawn and hand out. in a”hand over your weapon” pose and how the running guys turned out. its amazing what you can get with just a few bends and cuts.

Zombie hunters

Next a few survivors and zombie fighters. 1st is a Griffin miniature fire fighter, Coppelstone agent, and a West Wind golfer. I had reworked the golf bag to make it a bit more realistic, it’s really awful the way it came. The photo also gives you a bit of a comparison look; I think they look pretty good together. Next would be the guy with the a Bat also from West Wind and two kids from a clix game (?) they came as one piece so I had to saw them apart then fill in with some putty and sand down and then a repaint. I t was not hard to do and there are some nice clix base figure out there and they are cheap. Next are the Cops the two males are West Wind and the female is from Griffin. The West winds are not bad figures but not great either I just wish they put more effort into getting the police equipment right. Check out the review on He does some nice reviews. I had liked the female cop from Griffin at first I though her gun was malformed but then I realized she is in the process of pulling back the slide on the weapon I thought that was a nice touch. Lastly is my Baseball guy again but next to him is a Thugz Figure of a girl with her baby, I love this figure! It is beautifully sculpted and well proportioned. I think the baby came out nice even though it’s a bit cabbage patchy, but it still looks like a baby. Oppps sorry the pictures are out of order :)


I got a lot of painting done this week. 1st the Zombies, all of them are from Studio Miniature except for the Zombie Cop which is from Crocodile Games. My pictures really don’t do justice to the figures but they are really nice with lots of details. I used some green stuff the various items on the ground (newspapers, magazines, coffee cups, cell phone, and purse. Film reel and clap board) just to add a bit to the bases. The Wendy’s sign was made from a broken up Wendy’s spoon (I got with my chili) it worked really well, and I have saved a few to use if I build a Wendy’s building.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Future Quar

And lastly is My Quar from the future (love the Quar concept). I used the Standard Quar vehicle driver figure, made the helmet, armor, boots, and comm device out of Brown stuff then added some bits from Hasslefrees Grymn weapon pack and presto I have my Lower Barrow Quar trooper from the future.
Hope you like my offerings More to follow

5th Element

My last groups are my two Sci fi offerings. First is Diva Plavalaguna from the Movie the 5th element. I am also working on a Stewardess and a Police Officer from the movie. She is mostly brown stuff with Parts again from Bronze Age miniature. I just really had liked the movie and the character and I doubted anyone would make the figures so I made one for myself. Heresy miniatures do a nice Korbin Dallas and Leloo so I am good with those.

Zombie hunter

Next is my self portrait, using Hasslefrees Zombie Hunting Kev, adding some hair and a beard and making it a Zombie hunting bandit86 instead. I had loved the figure because I usually wear a Black hoody with an embroidered Badge and cargo pants at work. I was even able to add a cleft in the chin to make him look a bit more like me (what a handsome chap)


From my Reaper collection comes a James Bond type a Charlie Chan and a Wizard. One of my next projects is to paint up a bunch of Wizard figures that I have, (mostly Reaper) this is the first.

Well I had some vacation time and nowhere to go, so I sat myself down to do some painting. I got a lot done with just about a bit of everything from Quars to Gladiators. Most are still getting their dull coats applied so more pictures will be up soon and I promise someday I will learn to use this camera a bit better.

1st Up are a few conversions I have done. My Retiarius (Gladiator) was made using one of the generic male body’s from Bronze Age miniatures (fantastic figures) and a bit of putty pushing. I came up with what I feel is a pretty nice figure for my level of sculpting skill, with only one thing I was not happy with but I’ll keep that to myself J It was based on a picture from Angus McBride Gladiator osprey book.