Monday, January 18, 2016

some matchbox aircraft

The Roto warrior  a great base aircraft

love the four engines will make a great space fighter

Love this one but the cockpit is to small so I am trying to figure out what vehicle i will cannibalize for parts to add a new front

Will work great for pulp gaming

and another low tech chopper

Converted areopod

Finished paint job!

Just added some Graphics and detail

I started by using the base of the areo pod vehicle and adding some tracks removed from 2 other vehicle , giving me a new planetary explore.  paint job is not done yet but a great vehicle

GZG figure for scale
Original vehicle

Reworking some matchbox/Hot wheel vehicles

I like using matchbox vehicles for my 15mm  for the most part they fit well and they are pretty inexpensive

Older snowcat That Has been on the bench for a bit,  might just get it done.

Some for post apocalyptic groups

Not sure what to do with them

Even a steampunk one

And one for the 28mm (figure just for scale)

My newest hobby

This is my new dog Dylan 3 year old rescue dog, we got together in September and she is just the greatest !! so happy we found each other.