Tuesday, April 22, 2014

WIP old west building

Plasti craft foam core small building. $4.98

Easy to build.  Woodgrain added with a sculpting tool (just score the Foam)Comes with a resin door and window

Roof was covered with tissue paper and glue to add a tar paper effect.(still needs work)side door was added with some small extra foam piece.  All in all for $5 pretty good deal.The window is a bit low but could be made bigger.

Mr Bash Steampunk robot

Mr Bash, my Steampunk  Robot henchman(A D&D miniature with added smokestack and Top hat)

Steam tanks with added gauges

Ok, yeah the smokestack might get in the way

Monday, April 21, 2014

Dungeon adventurers

Both these guys came from Iron wind metals and I really liked them so I bought a few. These two have had their heads swapped and a bit of New cape and fur boot toppers 

Again swapped head with some long blonde locks added on and spear decoration.

Pillars and doors

Dwaren forge pillars and doors. The walls were easy to do pillars and door a bit more fiddly

Use a green marble effect, I think they came out nice
More pillars

Special door #1

Speccial doors #2

more doors

"It got out!!!!"

Close ups

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tiles part 6

 Working on some special tile for my rooms. but I ran out of my water medium. Here are a few that are done and almost done.  Small puddle on the floor filled with skulls, one plastic skull and the rest were made from BBs
Double duty rat.  I used a rat from reapers bones and sliced him in half, carved out a hole in the wall and stuck the rear half in.  Started to work on the water.
Second half of the rat, taking a bath, drowning, or just swimming around.  Drilled out the floor stuck the rat in and painted the bottom.  After that dried add "Secret weapons" realistic water medium and let it dry.  I like the stuff and it easy to work with.


Help squeak squeak

Tiles part 5 mosaic tiles and more

Fish mosaic

Treasure ( a number of Asian themed chests and a large golden Buddha head) all made from beads I got at the craft store

Blue gray mosaic

With a border design

Puzzle clue tiles mosaic (dont try to figure it out it means nothing right now)






            poison dart Dungeon trap. The walls are lined with gold disks that poison darts will shoot through

Tiles part 4 Special room.

 After getting tired of doing the same room scheme over and over. I did this paint job  with the stripped wall pattern. it really made a big difference and I think add a cool element to the room.

Tiles part 3

The standard paint job. One gray one in sand tone, the photo washes out some of the detailing

Tile continued

 This is about half of the sets I got.  They are great pieces and the staff at Dwarven forge have been great to work with. I should have paid attention the the first wall "Abandon all hope"

Dwarven forge tiles

Been working on a lot of stuff but have been neglecting to post to my blog. here is what I have been doing for the last week.

 Here is a series from the black unpainted piece, base coat and detail to finished tile
Dwarven Forge dungeon tiles:  Got theses Ten sets + extra last year and just started to do them.  They are very easy to paint and I have had fun doing them so far (it's like being a kid with blocks)  I have painted up most of the larger pieces and have been working on painting the mosaic floors and then converting a few pieces.