Saturday, April 12, 2008

Quar and Grymn WIPs

My Quar Is-Caerten, with no name as of yet and a picture of some of my Grymn still in progress. I never can stay on one subject for long, that’s why I have lots of started armies and none finished. But I am determined to complete my Grymn’s and Quars. Both set of little fellows are a pleasure to paint and collect. Hope you like them.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Hasslefrees' Debra Sci Fi Trooper

Just a Couple of Pictures of Debra, a Sci fi trooper from Hasslefree. I really, really liked this figure but my painting does not do it justice. I enjoyed painting it and it looks much better in person (not as yellow) as I am still learning how to use the camera. I hope Kev at Hasslefree makes a few more companions to go along with Deb, it’s a great sculpt and would fit into many sci fi games as a light trooper. My favorite part of this sculpting is the attention to details that Kev puts into each figure like the padding inside the helmet which is just visible on the side of her face; it makes for an outstanding figure. All in all this is an outstanding figure and if you’re into Sci Fi figures or games is worth the price.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Y Barwn Coch or The Red Baron

A few more WIP Quar. Here are two new Quar that I worked on last night. The first is Y Barwn Coch, (or The Red Baron if my Translator worked) I still don’t have any fluff written about my Quar yet but I love this figure so I bought 2.
I thought this figure really lent itself to a tribute figure of the famous WWI Ace. The second figure (no name as of yet) is my Quar commander and is not a tribute but I did steal the uniform from a less than popular German Ace. (But no politics here) I just thought the uniform style went nicely with the sculpting. Anyways, once again they where a lot of fun to paint up (thou my painting skill and eye sight are not as good as they once were. Painting now is for fun not awards).
I can always see the mistake and little specs of dust and so after I take the pictures but I thought I’d post them anyways and I’ll fix them up tonight. Zombiesmith has really hit the mark with the Quar and I hope they keep them coming. Thanks for looking , hope you like them.