Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Extra stuff that I am working on

 The wolf-pack is by Ral partha (iron wind metal) These are great figures with lots of character, just need a bit more on the base.

Empire of the dead (Kickstarter)

Some of the wagons from the Empire of the dead kickstarter
I bought 4 of the Hansom cabs and was very surprised to see the two occupants inside which are integral to the casting. "A night out at the Opera my dear"

All the parts fit together pretty well with a bit of drilling needed to open up some of the holes

Next is the Gentleman's coach (Gentleman or Jack the Ripper, who knows who is behind the curtain maybe even a certain Professor)  Last up is the "Black Mariah" Police wagon, who can be in that?  All the wagons are great fun to put together and paint, I now have to see about adding a whip and rains

First of my Otherworld kickstater figures

The Wizard and cart Kickstater bonus figures. 
Super figures, hardly any cleanup needed and they paint up really well.

 The start of the adventures camp.   There were a lot of extras in the Otherworld miniatures Kickstarter and the Camp scene was one. Bedding, tent, fire wood pile, treasure all sorts of cool stuff I have had fun painting it up so far but once again the matte coat started to leave some white spots but I caught it before it was to much.  The large fur bed was sculpted out of plastic card scraps and green stuff