Sunday, March 19, 2017

Hero Forge Painted

Bill and Micky part of the crew of the  Sanctioned Bounty Hunter Ship Orion  (Please excuse the bad photos)
Most of the 3D print lines were cover/filled in with the primer and paint

color scheme came from my favorite Napoleonic army, the Brunswickers

Those line that were still visible added to the texture of the uniform material

I was able to re attach the arm with no trouble and it seems to be a strong set

All in all I am happy with the "Hero Forge" figures and will most likely get a few more even though they are expensive

Space station

3D vanguard space station by Ryan Wolfe that was part of the recent Kickstarter for the poster and miniature

Not a perfect miniature but it was still fun to paint up

I have bought all of his Posters and his kickstarters are well done and worth a look, looking forward to the next one

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Hero Forge (review)

Starship Captian (looks kind of like me)

What is good.  I was able to mix and match to get something I wanted and I was very happy with the outcome.  I am sure I would be thrilled if I picked something more complicated and got this quality. Few if any mold lines, that clean up with no trouble

Female Crew came out nice.

Dam I must have forgot to add the deck base on the female

So, anything wrong with them ?  Not to much.  Strange seem on the females leg were easily removed.  the accessory pack on the female looks stuck on with no visible straps holding it on. The one on the male seems more plausible.

Strange pipe on base (I am going to leave it there)

Left eye are on females face is a bit soft I hope the painting will help that.

3D print lines are visible and to be expected I hope my painting will take care of that too.

Opppps arm broke when I scraped off the small bur on the arm, bit disappointed with that.  But with a closer look at the picture it looks like that arm was added to the figure and glued on.  All in all I am please and will most likely order some more.  Recommendation, if you spend a good deal of time creating a character for lets say D&D why not get a figure that you have in your mind, or if you would like a 3 stage type character  you can have the same figure in different levels or the same character  just in different posses.  A lot can be done with this and I am sure more will come and it will just get better.     9 out of 10           

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Mr Kim's Flying Thai food (the 5th Element)

The Lead Adventure site hosted a Build contest recently the theme was flying

I have always wanted to do this

From one of my favorite movies and one of the best scenes in it

Boat was made from foam board sheets,putty and various plastic bits

The Engine was also scratch built with the exception of the cowl that was reused from an old toy

The Tire bumpers were made from putty formed
in a press mold

The interior was also done with bits of plastic card and putty Food and dishes were from different manufactures

Roof was made from white glue soaked burlap

Mr kim himself was made from 2 clix figures and some putty

I really enjoyed doing this and though I was booted in the 1st round I had lots of fun and the other competition was strong

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"You are Fired"